A Maker’s Gonna Make














A Month in Making:

Messenger Bag with Reflective Material donated by Stephanie (Spontaneous Threads) and repurposed seatbelt closure-my design :: Linden Sweatshirt out of a vintage tablecloth :: Linden Sweatshirt out of organic fleece I hand dyed-both as part of #memademay :: My first adventures in free motion quilting with help from the book Stitch Draw by Rosie James :: Umbrella Prints collaborative project begun :: Blue WIPs.

In other news, I’m delighted and I know we are all flattered that the Modern Quilt Guild referenced Bee Sewcial (Flickr: The Bee Sewcial Pool) as a guide for Quiltcon West’s Charity Quilt Challenge for next year.  Check it out here:  Member Charity Challenge | QuiltCon West.



5 thoughts on “A Maker’s Gonna Make

  1. I love seeing your creations, especially your bags. They are just so… perfect. Perfect is a horrible word, really, since nothing is really perfect, and therefore even the attempted concept is a sell-out to the creativity and vision of the piece… but the detail and aesthetic SING on every bag you make. I’m not even a bag person (I used an upcycled chicken feed bag as a purse for years, after my 99 cent Good Will purse died after about 5 years of use), but I would happily carry any of your bags as I skipped gleefully down the street. Makers gonna make, indeed!

  2. Gosh, you know how to get things done! You’ve been so busy. Love that messenger bag, such a great use of that seatbelt. I’m exited to see your Umbrella Prints project. I’m just putting the hem on mine this week.

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