Little Things

Although I love making quilts, there is a special place in my heart for projects I can complete in a day or two.  One feels so productive when one has a nice bag, block or cowl to show after a short period of time.  My days have been filled with such projects of late.


I have been exploring paper piecing a bit more and am becoming increasingly intrigued. I found a free brassiere pattern and made the block above. It is asking for some underwear to go along with it so that is soon to come. Free pattern here: Paper Panache–Free Bra Paper-Pieced Quilt Pattern.

I have also been working with my scrap and recycled leather and putting together small bags.  I was the lucky recipient of a new delivery of suede clothing and leather scraps in amazing bright colors that have my creative wheels spinning.  I am so grateful to Stephanie Ruyle of Spontaneous Threads (Spontaneous Threads.) for sending them my way.  Crafty, blogging friends are the best!!





IMG_0562Loving the 80s vibe this colorful suede brings.  There is much more in the works.  I also stitched together this more traditional pouch and yes, I am drowning in handmade bags. 😉


To end, I had a nice surprise again yesterday when my crazy yoga pants/french knot project picture was picked as a weekly fave in Craft Magazine Online.  Who knew a quick project shot while I was waiting for the kids to dress for school would be so popular?  A good reminder to me of the beauty of the mundane, little moments of my life.





14 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Just Wow! That blue suede bag is EVERYTHING! I literally gasped as I scrolled down the page. It is beautiful. I love the contrast against the black and white. I will be making myself one of these!

    The other projects are great too. Congrats on the recognition in Craft Magazine!

    1. I put some fabric together that will be coming your way soon. I thought of you with my 80s style-think you may be rubbing off on me. 😉

      1. Thanks for fabric! I cannot wait! I found a blue suede jacket in my stash! I hope a bit of you rubs off when I make my clutch! 🙂

    1. Thanks Yvonne. It’s always fun to try out new ideas-know with all your wonderful makings, you can relate. 🙂

  2. How!…… just HOW does black become blasé. Black is so NOT blasé it should not even be in black’s autocorrect. Sorry (again) Hillary. But I hope it made you laugh! Note to self, Read first, press send second.

    1. Oh Stephanie, I LOVE your typos. Keep them coming. They make me laugh and happy. I’m dreaming up bag designs for you with your lovely suede. Very fun.

    1. Aw thanks. It’s a popular design as many friends have offered the same. The purse made it’s way to a jewelry designer friend of mine. 🙂

  3. Beautiful suede colours, especially the 80s blue. I wore that colour as a bridesmaid once.
    Now I am intrigued by what the pretty French knots will become. It is not surprising that the mag featured your photo as you take such lovely pictures.
    I am drowning in handmade pincushions.

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