You May Have Seen My Work

Quiltcon 2023

“Log Cabin Schoolhouse” Quilt :: Now in the private collection of the Anduin Foundation and $10,000 raised for the charity Donor’s Choose to honor and help teachers and their students (the raison d’être of the quilt)

“Quilt Out Loud: Activism, Language & the Art of Quiltmaking” by Thomas Knauer 2023

Featured artist in this book by Thomas Knauer.

Uncoverings: The Research Papers of the American Quilt Study Group 2022 Volume 32

Quilmania 2022 Issue #151

Simply Moderne 2022 Issue #29

Bernina Interview of ICU nurse Marsha Thomas at my 2020 Vision Quilt, Quiltcon 2022

Interview on Fox40 about the “2020 Vision” Quilt

Quiltcon 2022

Best In Show “2020 Vision” Quilt

Third Place Applique “Baptist Fan Redux”

“Breaking Tradition 1” Quilt; Botanically dyed Indigo and Logwood Waste on Linen; Hand Quilted

“Breaking Tradition 2” Quilt; Botanically dyed Indigo and Logwood+Iron on Quilting Cotton, Hand Quilted

“Afternoon Delight”; Hand Quilted

Curated Quilts 2022 Issue #19

“2020 Vision” Quilt included

Curated Quilts 2022 Issue #18

Contributor to the Bee Sewcial Group Quilt on the cover

Modern Quilt Guild Retrospective at the National Quilt Museum 2021

“Pick Up Sticks” Quilt in the Juried Show

“Nude is Not a Color” Quilt acquired by and on Display at The Henry Ford Museum

Group quilt acquired in 2021; Quilt collaborators include Bianca Springer and Rachael Dorr; other participants include Chawne Kimber, Agnes Ang, Carmen Alonso, Maite Macias, Berene Campbell, Krista Hennebury, Krishma Patel, Lynn Carson Harris and Phoebe Harris, Silvana Coutinho, Nicole Neblett , Anne Eriksson, Tamara King, Sonia Sanchez, Robin Gail King, Sandra Lee, Amy Vaughn, Jess Ziegler, Kirsty Cleverly, Alexandra Ledgerwood, Rachel Singh, Michele Spirko, Rebecca Bell

Quiltfolk YouTube Interview 2021

Country Cottages: Relaxed Elegance and Rustic Charm

“Plus/Minus” Quilt shown in 2020

Quiltcon 2020: Award First Place Piecing

“Pick Up Sticks” Quilt

Simply Moderne 2020 Issue #21

“Pick Up Sticks” Quilt Featured

Quilting Arts Magazine Issue 2020 Issue #107

“Pick Up Sticks” Quilt Featured

Why We Quilt: Contemporary Makers Speak Out, 2019

“5/325” Quilt and Feature in the book by Thomas Knauer

Solo Show: Entropy Always Wins Berkeley 2019

Quiltcon 2019

Best In Show quilt by Leanne Chahley “Smile” (contributor to the Bee Sewcial group quilt)

“The Golden Hour” Quilt (which also was selected for the Best In Quiltcon Traveling Show)

“Debbie” Quilt

Curated Quilts 2019 Issue #9

“Radiating Star” Quilt feature

Quiltmania Magazine 2019 Issue #132

“The Golden Hour” Quilt on tour with the Best of Quiltcon shown

Simply Moderne Magazine 2019 Issue #17

“The Golden Hour” Quilt shown

Curated Quilts 2019 Issue #8

“5/325” Quilt featured

Curated Quilts 2019 Issue #5

“Fire and Ice” Quilt and “The Power of Pink” Quilt along with an article about the Beesewcial Group

Simply Moderne Magazine 2018 Issue #13

“Full Circle” Quilt shown

Quiltcon Magazine 2018

“Shine a Light” Quilt in Quiltcon Magazine

Quiltcon 2018

“Full Circle” Fund Raising Quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild.  Quilting by Rachael Dorr

“Shine a Light” Quilt

Modern Quilts: Designs of the New Century

“Bloberella” Quilt and “Self Portrait in T” Quilt featured in the book

Modern Quilts Postcards: 30 Iconic Designs

“Bloberella” Quilt

Simply Moderne Magazine 2017 Issue #12

“Shine a Light” Quilt featured

The International Quilt Festival 2017

“Shine a Light” Quilt-The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase


Contributor to “Directions Optional” by Stephanie Ruyle and the Bee Sewcial Group


Plus Minus Quilt in Portrait Magazine


Best of Quiltcon 2017 International Traveling Exhibit

“The Egg” :: Collaboration/Quilting by Rachael Dorr


Quiltcon Magazine 2017


Quiltcon 2017


“Self Portrait in T” :: Miniquilt made out of my old tshirts :: Judges Choice Winner


“Bloberella” (Quilting by Krista Withers) :: 3rd Place Applique


Contributor to “Directions Optional” :: First Place Group Quilt by Stephanie Ruyle


“Election Angst”

“Molly’s Windows”

“Levi’s Radiograph Improv” :: Collaboration/Quilting by Rachael Dorr

“The City”


“The Egg” :: Collaboration/Quilting by Rachael Dorr


“Minimalism with Meaning :: The Story of US” :: Bee Sewcial Quilt for 2015


The 2016 International Quilt Festival :: Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit

“Bloberella”  (Quilting by Krista Withers) 


Quiltcon 2016 1st Place for Group Quilts 

Contributor to “Mod Mood” – Bee Sewcial Group -Quilt by Debbie Jeske (A Quilter’s Table: A First)


Quiltcon Magazine 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 5.40.12 PM

Quiltcon 2016

“5/325” (My blog post here:5/325 Quilt Complete )


“Life in the ER” (My blog post here: Life in the ER Quilt )


“Don’t Look Back” (My blog post here:An Invitation To Be Creative )


“The Great Recession” (My blog post here:An Invitation To Be Creative | Entropy Always Wins)


Simply Moderne Magazine Volume 4

“Life in the ER”


The 2015 International Quilt Festival :: Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit

“5/325” (My blog post here: 5/325 Quilt Complete)


“Life in the ER” (my blog post here: Life in the ER Quilt)


Color Forms Show :: The Seattle Pacific Art Center 2015

(My blog post here: An Invitation To Be Creative )


“Don’t Look Back”


“The Great Recession”


Sew Mama Sew Feature and Quilt Block Design 2015

Introducing Hillary Goodwin from Entropy Always Wins | Sew Mama Sew


Tile Blocks Tutorial | Sew Mama Sew | Outstanding sewing, quilting, and needlework tutorials since 2005.


Modern Patchwork Magazine Spring 2015 :: Minimalism in Modern Quilt Design article by Cinzia Alloca

Modern Patchwork Spring 2015 Digital Issue: Explore fresh + fun quilt projects! |

“Minimalist Baby Quilt” (My blog post here: I Heart Minimalism | Entropy Always Wins )


“Dodecagon Star” (My blog post here: Mustard is the New Black | Entropy Always Wins )


Umbrella Prints Open Category Award 2015 with Robin Gail King

Umbrella Prints: And the winners are ……

(My blog post here: A Collaboration On Friendship and Motherhood – Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge Entry 2015 )


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