Linen Rosebud Flower Tutorial

Several years ago I bought a linen flower from Emersonmade. Ever since I’ve been hooked on the idea of making linen flowers myself.  Emerson no longer produces the flowers though her company does make drool-worthy clothing and accessories.


There have been a few tutorials on making these flowers on the internet. I used this tutorial, to guide me in making my first linen flower above. Since then I’ve been pondering other flower designs and wanted to share one I came up with that looks a little like a rosebud.


Materials needed: 100% linen fabric, heavy starch or a commercial product called Terial Magic, a big bowl, an iron, felted wool, scissors, a circle form, needle, thread to match the linen and an attachment pin.



For the first step, fully soak your linen in a big bowl. Make sure all the fabric is saturated. Next, air dry the fabric until completely dry and then steam iron it. (I have used both the spray starch and the Terial Magic and they work equally well.)


Next cut 10, 2 inch circular pieces of linen and 2, 2 inch circular pieces of the felted wool. (I tended with more attempts at this to trim the wool pieces a bit so they didn’t show through the side of the flower).


Next fold each linen piece as shown and begin hand sewing to one of the felted wool pieces. Add additional petals in the same manner overlapping each piece.




Continue to overlap the petals until there are two overlapping layers making sure to keep a center small circle of felt visible. In a short period of time you will end up with a linen rosebud.


To complete the flower, attach a pin to the second piece of wool either by inserting it into the wool or by sewing it on and then use a glue gun to attach the second piece of felted wool to your flower.



I’m warning you, these flowers are pretty addictive partly because they are so darn easy to make. Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Linen Rosebud Flower Tutorial

  1. Very cute! I use Kiwi camp dry to spray finished art, it keeps it water-proof and fresh looking for the long haul…if you wear art in the weather!

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