All Things Being Equal

I love the Goodwill.  How fun is it to find treasures among cast off and used clothing?  These items for the most part are lovingly dropped off with the hopes that they can be used and they represent to me the beautiful mixture of our society.  Young people, old people, people of every color under the sun, big and small people, gay and straight, rich and poor-their cast offs all show up and are equally treasured.

I purposely try to limit my exposure to “the news” and it’s 24 hour stream directed my way but the Indiana’s recent anti-gay law and the current case being argued at the Supreme Court have riled me.  How can we deny many of my friends and their families the same rights guaranteed other couples and families just because of their sexual orientation?

So of course, I made a quilt as that is how my emotions are often best expressed.  My Triangle in a Triangle block uses the stripes strategically to make two equilateral triangles (TWO EQUALS) and how better to show them off using all varieties of striped shirts from the Goodwill (where people of all sorts are represented)?  All different and yet all the same.  They remind me somewhat of Kaffe Fassett’s shirt quilts.  I purposefully surrounded the crazy pieces in a solid denim border to ground them a bit and hope to show off some special quilting I have planned.








Love is Love.  Let’s hope the Supreme Court agrees.


40 thoughts on “All Things Being Equal

    1. Hey my sweet! Was too busy sewing today to text you back. Paddle boarding is a big Yes! Let me figure out my schedule and we can make plans. Xo

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  1. I’m not going to comment on the law side of things because I struggle to understand some things you guys do (specifically guns) … and we (Australia) are dragging the chain on this issue too. But I will say your quilt top is a joy to behold and I love the story behind it.
    I think everyone should have the same rights regardless of who they love. (Or as someone out there said, rather cheekily, why should gay people not have to endure the misery of marriage like the rest of us?)

    1. Haha! Some of my new gay friends are now bemoaning how much more they are paying in taxes now that they are married. Welcome to the institution and marriage penalty friends. 🙂

  2. I am completely agape at this quilt – it is sooo outstanding – your triangles using the stripes just knock me over. Your color placement is so wonderful – I am nearly speechless over this – fantastically well done!! And, I 100% agree that love is love and applaud your very successful expression of your feelings on the issue. Thank you so much for sharing this, Hillary.


  3. My Dictionary says: Outstanding! The idea, the fabrics and the dessins!
    Best regards from Germany,

  4. Wow! You inspire me in so many ways! I love your quilt! You tackle difficult issues so neatly (both sewing triangles and talking about love) thanks for sharing!

  5. As usual, it’s fabulous! I love everything about it. It would be super cool even without the “big idea” behind it, but your thoughtfulness adds a special panache. Here’s hoping, anyway.

    1. The piecing was easy peasy actually. Not a pin in sight. The trick was all in the angles and cutting. Do you ever look at your handmades and have revelations about your personality? I’m obviously a geometric girl-lots of hard lines. Need to break into more large scale curvy improv. This making gig is fun!


  6. What a fabulous message, Hillary. I especially love the secondary triangles and patterns formed by the blocks. I believe good relationships are like secondary patterns in a quilt block. You are still you, but enhanced. I sure hope the court agrees, too.

  7. Wow-amazing! It’s so beautiful-thank you for your expression of my feelings too! Goodwill is THE best shopping store! You are an inspiration to me-thank you for sharing your wonderful works!

  8. Great design, love the repurposed striped shirts from thrift stores. I wonder how difficult all those bias edges were/are to wrangle into a flat top? How many shirts did you use? Fingers crossed the supremes give us libery to be equal everywhere in USA. 2=

  9. Oh! This turned out fabulously. From what you were posting on IG, I expected something much more chaotic (in a good way!). The color palate and the large borders makes the optic effect from the stripes and the composition come to the forefront. It’s fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    1. Thanks Shelby. I was a tad disappointed to be honest how tame it looks from a distance but the up close gets ya. I’m happy at least for that. Looks like you all are moving around again? must making sewing a challenge.



  10. This is so fantastic! I am agog at how you do this. Those stripes all matched. Did you paper piece, or how do you do it? The effect is fantastic. Difficult things so neatly put as Sonia said!

  11. I’ve always loved the idea of repurposing discarded clothing into quilts and bags, but never really thought past the “I’m using something that otherwise may have been tossed in a landfill” environmental stance. Hearing your reflection on how the cast-offs of society are actually a beautiful mix of our society gives me a whole new light, and an even deeper appreciation of your quilt. Make on, dear one!

    1. Thanks Kitty. I am anxious to get it done but my summer is looking crazy busy. fingers crossed.


  12. Love the concept of this quilt. Beautiful meaning strategically planned. Love the recycled shirts. Makes me want to finish my brother’s shirt quilt I started a few years back, as soon as I get it out of storage. Love the overall compulsion. Love the colours. Love the message.
    I don’t understand how a democracy can have undemocratic laws that don’t treat everyone equally. It’s fear based I guess. But I think peaceful protests like this quilt give a layer of positivity to those who fear change and the unknown.

    Look forward to seeing your special quilting!

    1. Thanks friend! Fear-based is a Greg way of putting it. It makes me sad but also hopeful as I believe things are changing. Promise all my quilts won’t be filled with messages though on occasion feels good to do some thoughtful making. Xo


  13. Perfect timing, lovely quilt in oh so many way! We were in DC for day one of Obergefell v Hodges and my daughter and her friends walked by to see the lines of regular folks hoping to get in to hear opening arguments. It’s time for the Supreme Court to make “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” available to all Americans!! I just wish both partners could have been there to see them do the right thing.

  14. I have made two shirt quilts, cutting up my husband’s shirts. (I love an op-shop treasure hunt as much as the next girl, but I didn’t need more shirts.) I really like how you have cut these on an angle to create the pattern with stripes. Was matching the lines difficult? I found some sections of each shirt had more stretch from wear.
    I find the whole anti-gay-marriage thing unfathomable. A majority of people here support gay marriage, but our politicians on both sides are strangely resistant.

    1. Repurposing clothing for quilts is the original quilt intent/design. Fun to be retro with such a modern pattern.


  15. That quilt is just luminous! There is something about blue that is so calming. If the Supreme Court punts on gay rights then the next election will be about that court in my mind and I will vote accordingly.

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