Two Friends – Two Bags

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated 1000 followers on Instagram by giving away a custom made bag of their liking to a follower and a friend they tagged.  I picked by random two delightful and talented sewists Valerie (Between Quilts) and Nicole (Mama Love Quilts).  Go check them out they are lovely!

In any case, I wanted to make something extra special for them that reflected their friendship with some connection using designs of my own.  By lucky coincidence, a pack of beautiful Marimekko fabric I bought on sale and some new leather I picked up were available and sent me easily into creative mode.


Nicole had highlighted a previous bag I made out of recycled orange and white leather so I ran with that idea, this time using new white and blue leather with a bit of the Marimekko Pink Unikko print.  I hadn’t written down the dimensions of my previous bag so I winged it (wung it?) as I tend to do.  The leather this go around, probably because it was new, was a little stiffer then my previous attempt but I am pretty pleased with the results.


For the second design, I chose the same Unikko print but this time on the outside of the bag along with some dark blue suede in what I call my Mini Museum pattern.





I made inset zippers for both bags and had fun fancying both up with metal feet and pull tabs for the zippers.

I think these gals who I now consider friends genuinely liked their bags and honestly I LOVED making them.  This whole virtual world can feel like a weird online dating game sometimes and I hate that some people know me more by what I make and my tagline rather then by face and up close interaction but I guess this is the new world and no question I have made some amazing friends here.  If you are interested in seeing even MORE of my pictures and are not already tired of me, you can find me on Instagram here: Hillary (@entropyalwayswinsblog) • Instagram photos and videos

My May Bee Sewcial Block came together last week as well.  When Marci gave us our assignment (Bee Sewcial | Flickr – Photo Sharing!) for the month to work on a village block, I kept thinking of San Francisco from Marin County looking across the Bay.  That image informed my weird shaped block.  It is fairly literal though totally improv.  I hope it works for her quilt.




10 thoughts on “Two Friends – Two Bags

  1. Online friendships are funny, that’s for sure, but I agree with you they are the way of the future. It’s great for me because no one I know in real life is much into sewing/crafting, so I need those online connections. It’s through them that I found some ladies that live locally and we are now ‘proper’ friends 🙂
    It’s amazing how I can have friends in the US, Canada, Finland…there’s no limit. It’s pretty awesome, actually.
    But I digress, your bags look fantastic and I love that they share a fabric/aesthetic. I have no doubt their new owners will love them, too!

    1. Looks like you are having fun connecting in real life at the quilt festival! loved seeing your quilts in the feeds. Keep inspiring me friend.


  2. Once again, you nailed those bags! What lucky friends! I totally know what you mean about blogland and feeling like people know you by what you make versus your face and personality, but I’m still so grateful for the opportunity to make the connections with so many inspiring and talented people–like you!

  3. Those bags are totally FAB! I adore Marimekko fabrics. I just don’t know how you whip all this stuff out so quickly! I just made a make-up case that took me seven hours over two days! I get what you’re saying about cyber friends; but you and others who are willing to share sure are so inspiring…for example, I never knew I was interested in making bags and now I’ve made several. Would love to try some leather next…a little trepidatious since I ‘ve never used it before.

    1. Thank you, thank you Carrie. Leather is intimidating at the start but once you get the hang of it, easy peasy. Used leather is typically soft and thinner therefore pretty easy to use on a standard machine. Good luck!


  4. I love both of the bags but I really love the structured flop of the white and blue leather bag. It’s dreamy. Is there any sort of closure on it?

    I also love that quilt block. It’s a great interpretation of a village.

    1. the fold, the texture, the lining-yep the little things are what make designs for me too. Need to work more on this bag design. Maybe someday for you too. If you come across some good bag making material (used leather, etc) I can put my industrial machine to use.


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