2016 :: Care More/Care Less


2015 has come to a screeching close leaving me breathless and a little bewildered.  In effort to spend some concentrated time with my family I always work Dayjob a lot over the holidays.  Now with some precious time off and much needed sleep under my belt I feel like I can reflect and make plans.

In some respects on my creative journey, 2015 was fairly momentous.  I participated in my first quilting bee (Bee Sewcial).  The monthly prompts expanded my maker’s bag of tricks exponentially and forced me out of my creative comfort zone-so good.  I have no clue how these talented people picked me to join them but I am forever grateful and look forward to another year of the same.


I both visited and participated in my first Quilt shows.  My quilts were featured in a magazine for the first time.  With the help of my friend Robin, we won our first sewing contest with Umbrella Prints Trimmings and my quilts were featured for the first time in a gallery.  To my amazement some fabric designers/companies sent me fabric without expectation to play and create (I hope to find some time soon to show more the results of those gifts).   I was involved in some meaningful collaborative work with talented people.  And of course I made a gazillion bags and several quilts.

In other respects however the year was similar to most, making and exploring.  In 2016 there is important work to be done.  Most notably my “Nude is Not a Dress Color Project” which was set back by collaborative side steps is calling to me.

In looking toward the new year a common theme comes up for me:  Care More :: Care Less.

:: Care more about the process and less about the end result.

:: Care more about the message in my makes and less about whether other people understand it.

:: Care more about the art and less about the shows.  (As a side note I was fortunate to have 4 quilts chosen to show at Quiltcon 2016 and am part of one Bee Sewcial quilt that will be showing-yay Debbie.  Even with this I struggle to see myself as a Quiltshow person.  Despite the fact that everyone I have met participating in the process is talented and worthy and that these show are gorgeous displays of art, I can’t shake the “beauty queen” image in my mind.  Does that make any sense?)

:: Care more about the whole community and less about the stars.  I love this sewing community and hope to give more back in the way of some free blocks/patterns I have planned.  It is nice to get attention and adulation from the “superstars” of the industry but we are all worthy and on the same journey.  I hope to concentrate more on that.  I know I am remiss in responding to comments here (did I mention my Dayjob and momjob?) but I hope to be better.

Thank you for being part of my 2015 and I look forward to traveling the road together in 2016.

P.S. The block featured at top is a new design concept I am exploring.  More to come.

Happy New Year



31 thoughts on “2016 :: Care More/Care Less

  1. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful works-you are so amazing & inspiring. Have a fantastic 2016!! Chrissi Vergoglini

  2. Happy New Year. Ever since I discovered your blog, I have not missed any of your posts. I enjoy reading about your process and your discovery. Congrats to your achievements in 2015. I am looking forward to seeing more of your adventure this year.

    1. What?! That is awesome. Thanks. One of my first tasks on getting home (after work and prepping my quilts for QC) will be writing up some fun free block tutes. Hope you can play with me. Happy new year


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  3. “Care more about the community and less about the stars”: I like that. It fits so many contexts beyond quilting. “Care more about the art and less about the shows”: I’m pondering that. I so agree in the sense of not letting shows direct (or limit) one’s development. The beauty-queen thing, I’m not sure. If everyone stopped doing shows there would be a great loss of inspiration and education.

    1. The Quilt shows serve an important purpose no question. Clearly the hangup is mine. As people were announcing their successes or rejection in the QC realm on IG it made me really uncomfortable. I hope my work to be therapeutic and meaningful (mostly to me). To make things soley for the purpose of art contests rings hollow. Thanks for joining the conversation.

  4. Your work is some of the most unique I see.

    I find the most important aspect is the freedom to make what you want;) That’s where I try to focus.

    Let artistic spirit rule, not a label or fitting into a box.

    1. And boxes are so boring (unless they’re improv and include some Y seams . . . Haha I digress). Yes! Let’s make what moves us. I love and am inspired by your work (have been since I started quilting honestly). Happy to play this making game with you-such a rewarding one. Xo

  5. Beautiful sentiment for the New Year! I always love seeing what you have made and I know 2016 won’t be any different. All the best for the year, Hillary, I’m sure it will be a good one x x

  6. Your work and your words are spot on. Thanks for the inspiration and direction. Can’t wait to see your quilts in person. I love, love the block in this post and am excited to see what your challenge will be for BeeSewcial

  7. I like the care more, care less philosophy. For me, it is definitely about caring about the process of making.
    I am going to enter a few quilts in our local quilt show this year for the first time, but everything I plan to submit will be in the unjudged group category. The show organisers stress that they are about exhibiting all members’ work – like a giant show-and-tell. Judging is on their list but lower on the pecking order.
    Don’t fret about replying to comments and all that stuff. You save lives in your dayjob. That is far, far, far more important!

  8. Your posts are very inspiring, and as a physics professor I enjoy your blog’s title. 🙂

    Having never submitted a quilt to a show, I’m interested in what kind of planning or decision-making process goes into it. Would you be willing to share??

  9. Bee Sewcial sounds interesting… I’m looking this year to expand my comfort zone out of straight seams and machine piecing. Gonna google it now! Thanks!

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