Opioids and Y-Seams

Last Year our county was awarded one of twelve grants by the California Opioid Safety Commission to help educate the public and medical community on the increasing use and danger of both prescription and street narcotics.  The Commission got wind of my 5/325 quilt and invited me for an interview.  The results of that interview can be found here (you can find the link below my picture): Placer Nevada County Medical Society – Just another WordPress site

The fact that this statement piece is getting recognition in the medical community is pretty satisfying.  Even more exciting is the fact that it is getting the word out about the narcotic dependence and addiction issues in the general community.  (It was on display in Houston at the International Quilt Festival, will be shown next month at Quiltcon in LA and will be featured in the Quiltcon Magazine).  I am scheduled to speak (with my quilt if it is available) in April at our hospital medical staff meeting and there are some other venues pending.  Who knew that my crazy idea would get so much play?


19 thoughts on “Opioids and Y-Seams

  1. I’m so happy for you. Your work totally deserves all this attention. You give as food for thought! And you are always an inspiration! Congratulations!!!

    1. C,

      And like any good statement piece there will be backlash and negative sentiment. Bracing myself but OK with that too. These issues are complicated. Thanks for cheering me on.


  2. So fantastic, Hillary! I am glad to hear that this is being seen by a wider audience outside of the quilting community. It’s a powerful piece and deserves all the attention it receives.

  3. Bravo to you for speaking out and using your art as a way to get the message out. Over the years I have been prescribed vicodin by my family physician and dentist as well as an ER Dr. It indeed can be a blessing, when used sparingly and cautiously. It’s helped me deal with pain that wasn’t responding to over the counter medicine.

    But what I have always found alarming is not once did any Dr. ever warn me of it’s potential for addiction. (Actually it was friends and family that thankfully warned me when I was first prescribed it following a car accident.) Nor did any Dr. ever ask me if I already had a prescription. (And when I mentioned that I did to the ER Dr. they gave me the script anyhow, smiled and said, “Well this will make sure you have enough.”)

    You hit the head on the nail. Well done for trying to drive this message home.

    1. Victoria, Your kind of input is EXACTLY why we need to have these discussions as a broader community. Prescription narcotics can be a huge blessing but clearly also a curse. And honestly I think most physicians assume that people know of the addiction potential. The great news is this grant is targeted not just to the community but also to health care providers so that we can all be aware of our part in the problem. Thanks my friend.


  4. Of all the fabulous things that I’ve seen created by you this is my favourite. The story is such a poignant one. And an important one to tell. Clearly a job you’re doing extremely well!

    1. Aw Berene thank you. The message pieces always draw me in. Need to finish our Nude is Not a Dress Color one. It got sidetracked by some collaboration issues but will pick up again soon. I hope your refugee sewing day is grand. xo


    1. Thanks Leanne. I’m really looking forward to seeing your quilt and YOU too. We need to finalize some meet up plans soon.


  5. Quilting as social commentary can be so powerful, and your piece nails it. 5/325 works because of its stunning graphic design, the multi-layered questions raised by the use of black and white, its meaningful use of numbers and the tactile nature of the quilt being at first physically comforting, but presenting a truly discomforting message. It demands that we look at opioid drug abuse as the horrendous problem that it is. I truly wish I could see this quilt in person. Thank you for being on the forefront of this battle and for taking the steps necessary to open the eyes of the medical community and hopefully, the pharmaceutical industry as well.

  6. That is brilliant, Hillary. Your quilt achieved its goal of spreading a much-needed message! I am off to read the linked article.
    (Mine just keep people warm, and as it was 38.7 degrees Celsius last Saturday, I have to wonder about the sense in that! 🙂 )

  7. This is such a wonderful recognition and I appreciate that the article also focused on the physician as artist and how complex and demanding the medical ‘system’ has become on the people who work in it. A great work with great meaning. Bravo!

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