Slow Stitching

I am halfway into a month off of work and ironically as I rush around trying to fit the rest of life in I find myself more stressed then relaxed?  That soooo is not what vacation is about right?

Inspired by the book “Slow Stitch” by Claire Wellesley-Smith, I decided to slow things down a bit with handwork.  I have always found peace in knitting and excitement in sewing (excitement in sewing??  Haha! I’m sure that sounds so funny if you are not a maker.)  It turns out at least for me that sewing can be relaxing if you do handwork in little bites.


I started the process by cutting up some ill fitting jeans and doing reverse shibori with bleach on the pieces in various folding patterns.  Holy Cow, what a fun easy, quick process that was.  All my future jeans are destined for bleach jobs.



Every night as I have been sitting and watching movies with my husband (such a rarity during the rest of the year), I have been devising and stitching up new little patterns with bits of felted wool, recycled leather and silk floss.  The shibori Os called for some Xs so a theme took hold.

I wasn’t quite sure what was to become of this concoction but finally settled on a bag I have been dreaming up.  It called for a leather border with mitered corners and to add more interest (and help attach it to my extra firm pellon interfacing) I machine embroidered with invisible thread even more Xs and Os.  I used the back of a vintage feedback for the inner part of the bag.





This thing is VERY impractical with silly little pockets on the inside that don’t hold much but I am in love with it as an art piece.  And as with most of the makes I love, it is destined for someone else worthy.  I think they will get the wonkyness of it.  I hope so.


11 thoughts on “Slow Stitching

  1. With insides that won’t hold much, it will save you from carting great weights and hurting your back. A positive, right? Who cares about bag capacity when it looks this great?
    I too am loving hand sewing while my machine is being serviced.

    1. Aw thanks Carla. Sorry your machine is out. That would be hard for me.


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  2. Bags like shoes are often impractical, but isn’t that the point, it looks so darn good! Enjoy your vacation time! P.S. Would have never guessed that you had bleached jeans, that turned out fabulous!

  3. reminds me of the important attaché cases diplomats carried. They held secrets and I’m sure frivolities too. I agree with Marci, as a professed shoe lover you can never have too many shoes, bags and I might add scarves. I have a thing for scarves!
    Great finish and the details are so very you!

    1. I think you will appreciate who I sent this to (and don’t worry, it’s not you as I am sure you feel like you are drowning in my bags) 😘😘

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