“All Things Being Equal” Quilt Complete

This weekend I finished my quilt tribute to the justice of marriage equality.  For the backstory see my previous post here:  All Things Being Equal | Entropy Always Wins.


I used my Triangle in a Triangle block to piece striped Goodwill shirts into equilateral triangles that carried more of the same in a secondary pattern.  To further reinforce the meaning, I quilted echoing equilateral triangles that extend into the denim border.  The combination of these three sets of equilateral triangles (pieced, secondary pattern and quilting) all at different angles soothes that over the top urge to put meaning in my making.



Carolyn Friedlander’s Ledger fabric for the back helps keep score and the iconic equal sign was the cherry on top of my creation.


To add some humanity and a little imperfection (I don’t like things too perfect honestly) I pieced the binding in alternating red and blue striped shirt fabric from the Goodwill.


Blessings to all marriages and families who will enjoy the benefits of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling.  Now off to make something in a color other then blue.


11 thoughts on ““All Things Being Equal” Quilt Complete

  1. Can’t underestimate the power of quilting – look it worked a treat. I’m sure this is the reason why ruling went through! As with everything you make, I love all the thought and meaning that goes into it. A real piece for discussion as well as admiration. Well done, my clever friend!

  2. What a great work! I love the composition of the colours! The piecing is so accurate – wow!
    Best regards from Germany,
    Kathrin 🙂

  3. Love, Love everything about this quilt, the thought on it, the making… You are such a talented artist! Congratulations on yet another piece of food for thought!

  4. I echo Sonia’s comments! Beautiful, thoughtful work. Am wanting to try something similar on a much smaller scale…. maybe I will start with placemats or a table runner. 🙂

  5. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a long struggle this has been. And still going on. Your art is a breath of joy.

  6. Love your way of celebrating humanity! The recent law passed here in Ireland granting marraige equality was largely due to people embracing their family and friends and voting so our sister, brother, cousin, son or daughter all deserved the same opportunity, gay or straight. I think this quilt sums that up perfectly!

  7. Love the thought behind this quilt. It also reminds me how beautiful straight line quilting can be. Well done!

  8. The optical effect of the stripes inside of the equilateral triangles is perfection. The shapes and the colors of the triangles make my eyes vibrate; I love it. It’s a great finished quilt with a great message.

  9. A great sentiment, Hillary. We are still banging our heads against the wall here in bewilderment why our politicians do not yet accept what polls have shown most people support.
    Having experimented with shirts recently myself, I am impressed with the stripe matching within each block. That is some very clever fussy cutting and it creates a truly lovely effect.

  10. I love how you created your own pattern from pre-existing pattern in the shirts. Beautiful work and beautiful thoughts.

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