The summer sun shone round me
The folded valley lay
In a stream of sun and odor
The sultry summer day.

The tall trees stood in the sunlight
As still as still could be
But the deep grass sighed and rustled
And bowed and beckoned me.

The deep grass moved and whispered
And bowed and brushed my face.
It whispered in the sunshine:
“The winter comes apace.”

The Summer Sun Shone Round Me by Robert Louis Stevenson




















Summer is flying by in a fit of travel, work and creativity.  We were lucky as a family to travel to Iceland and Banff/Yoho National Park over the last couple of months.  Interspersed with travel I have been working at my day job harder then ever in my career (the ACA has resulted in more people being insured which is a good thing but with a real shortage of primary care doctors our ERs, indeed those across the country, have been overwhelmed).  I digress.  In any case, despite all this busyness I have found time to create though no time to blog or follow blogs.  I look forward to catching up with many of you  Included in the pictures above are some blocks I made for our July Bee Sewcial assignment by Karen (CapitolaQuilter: Bee Sewcial July – REFLECTION) .  They are intended to show REFLECTION and I think are inspired by my travels.  I am excited as well to share that two of my quilts have been accepted to the Modern Exhibit at the International Quilt Show in Houston and Quiltcon 2016.  This is my first foray into the Quilt Show world and I am both nervous and excited.

Happy summer!


9 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Glad to hear you haven’t been lazy. 🙂 Lovely photos–must have been a wonderful trip. I especially like the photo of three quilts, the creative balance caught my eye. Cheers on getting quilts in at Houston!

  2. I want to be you when I grow up! Lovely photos and great experiences I am sure. Congrats on the quilt acceptances! Will you be coming to Houston for the Festival too?

    1. Bianca, I hope to if even only for a day or two. I may not know for sure until early October. Are you close to Houston? If so and you are able to make it, we really need to meet up-so much to chat over. Will let you know. Xo

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  3. Lake Louise!! I honeymooned there (skipped work for a day and drove over after we eloped). Never been to Iceland though. One day!

    Congrats on having TWO quilts chosen for the exhibition; isn’t that such a great feeling of validation?

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