Big Blue Complete

I came home from vacation to a wonderful surprise.  My Big Blue quilt top had been shipped to me from Emily Sessions.  I quilt most of my quilts but when I am looking for something special I have turned to Emily to do custom quilting for me.

emerson quilting | longarm quilt design.

Emily does a wonderful job. You can see her work on another quilt of mine here:

Life in the ER Quilt | Entropy Always Wins.

Loving how this quilt has turned out.  It was heavily inspired by a painting of Alain Bilteryest.

Alain Biltereyst – Minimalist Geometric Paintings / Aqua-Velvet.

I think it looks a little like a flag while one of my friends says it looks like “two sergeants getting married”. That comment had me investigating military badges and medals. . . I may have found a new fount of inspiration.






Happy creating everyone.


13 thoughts on “Big Blue Complete

    1. Thanks Kristy. I almost always like the simple backs on quilts as much as the fancy fronts. 🙂

  1. Oh I really love how the quilting turns the back into a separate work of art. I am a sucker for deep blue and white together, so I really love how this turned out. And yay for new inspiration – awesome!

    1. I’ve been all about the big bold look lately but now settling into some small paper piecing-a nice balance. 🙂

  2. Wow! Love how the quilting ties it all. Love it. Flag quilts are amazing, you should check this page:, big bold designs in two colours. Yours reminded me of them

    1. I wouldn’t describe your makings at all that way. They are beautiful but yes I do believe. Ariety is a spice of life.

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