Life in the ER Quilt

Awhile back I saw a painting on Pinterest and was inspired to make a quilt based on it’s geometric design. I altered it from the image a bit and used Marcus organic cotton canvas for the pieced front (  Having worked too many shifts in the ER, it reminded me of my Emergency Department with the “command center” in the middle and beds on either side, hence the name “Life in the ER Quilt”.  I have subsequently been told that the original painted image was used as the cover photo for one of the Modern Quilt Guild’s Pamphlets.  I obviously have good taste. 🙂


When I finished the top, I knew this special quilt deserved some custom quilting beyond my abilities.  I was fortunate to choose Emily Sessions to quilt it for me. (  I let Emily have free reins with the design and am thrilled with the results. It is geometric, modern quilting at it’s best and adds tremendously to my piecing.

IMG_3878IMG_3862Pictures of the quilt top alone below.  Can’t wait to give the quilt a new home.


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