A Collaboration On Friendship and Motherhood – Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge Entry 2015
























What started as a friendship in creativity and motherhood turned into a challenge to expand our horizons and spend some juicy time together.  My friend Robin King (@r0bingail on instagram and Robin Gail Art on Facebook) is an amazing artist and our times together are full of painting, needlework, children and dressing up.  When the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge (Umbrella Prints: 2015 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge #umbrellaprintstrimmingschallenge) came around again this year, I knew that I wanted to do it together.

To start our project, we had an image in our minds of a child holding something precious and stumbled across a picture of her daughter at a younger age holding one of their ducklings.  This picture became the basis for our piece and Robin drew her image on inexpensive painter’s drop cloth.  Taking inspiration from the work of Kristin LaFlamme (Musings | Kristin La Flamme | Textile Art), I tried my hand at free motion quilting for the first time and stitch sketched over the image with my sewing machine.  Robin and I added some eyelet for a dress and then cut up the beautiful Umbrella Prints scraps into feather shapes that we then glue basted down in the shape of a duckling.  There was little more then lint left after using all of the scraps!  From there I free motion quilted the feathers and fabric down with invisible polyester thread and backed it all with waterproof oilcloth to make a picnic blanket that we got to test out with our kiddos at Robin’s house.

The best part of this project was spending time with such a special, creative lady and trying out so many new things.  I have no doubt we will spend more time together pushing and nurturing each other in our paths as mothers, friends and artists.


31 thoughts on “A Collaboration On Friendship and Motherhood – Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge Entry 2015

    1. It was fun to learn new skills and had me thinking about the fact that if this were a quilt it would never fit into the “Modern” category? I’m contemplating something along these lines for my NINADC collaboration quilt but wondering if folks would be upset by it being more “art quilt”-hate these designations. We shall see . . .

    1. Weird to think I’ve entered “art quilt” territory even though this is not a quilt? I’m such a newbie to the formal quilt world, it’s kind of nice just to go wherever my mind takes me rather then worrying about shows or designations.


  1. You did it again! Wonderful work of art! Love the image you used and not doing a quilt (which would be the go-to for me) but a pic-nic blanket. Amazing!!!

  2. The final result of your collaboration is extraordinary! I’m guessing the process and sharing are even more meaningful. Bravo!

    1. Hi Katy! Thank you so much. It is hanging up in my bedroom now-definitely a fun piece to work on.


  3. What an amazing job you’ve done here! I love all the new techniques (new to you and new to me too) and best of all you got to do it all with a friend. Well done on getting out of your comfort zone and taking a chance, sometimes it’s hard to do when you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out and you know there’s a real time investment involved. I love your use of the trimmings, perfect application for small pieces and they really are the focal point of the piece. Such a great Challenge Entry! Well done ladies!

  4. Love every part of this collaboration! The beautiful women and children, the artists’ skill and their hearts for ” whatever is pure, whatever is true, whatever is admirable.”

  5. Such a beautiful idea and so very well executed. I really enjoyed reading the story behind this piece and seeing how much work went into creating such a beautiful piece. You have created a wonderful heirloom that is filled with so many wonderful memories.

  6. I’ve been admiring from afar. Beautiful story and such a friendship- one to be celebrated for sure. Congratulations on your win in the Umbrella Fabrics challenge. Deserving for sure!

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie. It filled me up with such happiness even without the win. Feel so lucky

    1. Oh Victoria, thank you so much. It was such a heart thing. Easy and meaningful and full of learning. May all of our makings be this way.


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