A “Maker’s Curiosity”

Do you ever wonder if you have too many creative hobbies?  Although knitting and sewing have been mainstays for me, I have ventured into embroidery, cross stitch, clothes making, jewelry making . . . well you get the point.  I believe the skill and practice of making causes one to look at the world differently.  We makers start to examine more closely how things are constructed and what materials they are made with.  That study often propels us to the next question of whether we can make it ourselves which at least in my case, leads me into new creative hobbies. (I treasure this “maker’s curiosity” by the way as it seems a rarer and rarer characteristic in our buy everything from Target, disposable culture.)  All these words to say I have ventured into some new creative fronts this month while continuing work on my mainstays of quilting, knitting and bag making.

Dying Fabric requires a ton of rinsing muscle power and a ridiculous amount of water.  Who knew? The results however are hard to compete with.  Following directions from Malka Dubrawsky’s “Color Your Cloth” and Kim Eichler-Messmer’s Book “Modern Color” I dyed some organic fleece in various shades of blue using both dry and wet dying techniques.



Using this pretty substrate I decided to try sewing knits for the first time with my new serger.  It’s a tad ridiculous how easy my machine makes its all for me.  I decided to make the very popular Linden Sweatshirt (Linden Sweatshirt – Grainline Studio) and had to adapt it a bit by making the neck opening a little wider, lengthening it an inch and making a wide split cuff at the bottom.  I look Kind of silly in the pic but man this sweatshirt is comfortable and I already have plans for others.



I decided for the first time as well to combine fabric and knit together in the Shawl Collar Baby Coat by sweet k m. (Direct Download PDF Knitting Pattern Shawl Collar by sweetKM)

What better fabric to use then some hand dyed by Kim Eichler-Messmer from a previous order and I topped it off with a vintage button.  The pattern recommended using a felt heart on the inside to better secure the button.  I will definitely use this technique in future sweaters.  What a cute detail!




I ended this week by making up and testing a new bag pattern.  Oh this is a good one!  Look for more examples and maybe even a pattern or tutorial in the future.




Merry Making.


14 thoughts on “A “Maker’s Curiosity”

  1. I see myself reflected! Sometimes I’m afraid of jumping from one venture into another without committing and leaving half done projects in the way. I like trying new things and patchwork is by far my favorite.
    Love the look of your sweatshirt! Blue is my favorite color!

  2. I constantly wonder if I have too many hobbies! I sometimes worry about being a jack of too many trades, master of none. But I love how you articulate it; there is something deeply satisfying about making as opposed to buying. Also, it seems everything you do is such perfection! That little sweater coat is simply fabulous – almost makes me want to learn to knit – and the bags are total WOWS. So keep on keepin’ on, I say. You seem to be able to do it all, and well.

  3. I am guilty of trying all of those and more (mosaics, anyone?), although as my mum was a professional jeweller, I skipped that one. I will probably skip dyeing too – still traumatised by my university witches cauldron experiments with a lot of green dye and a friend’s thermal underwear. She thought white too boring for her hiking trip. 🙂
    I love the rich colours of the red and blue bag and the tiny cardigan especially.

  4. I don’t seem to have enough time for my quilting hobby and I’m not half as busy as you I think! That bag looks amazing! I am looking to make a music bag for my dad wth the handle loop idea. Was looking for a pattern for the traditional music bag with the short carry handle posting through a sort of flap over bar, but this kind of thing might work even with a shorter carry handle. Somehow the longer handle seems more feminine to me. Would love to see a tutorial!!?

    1. Someday maybe I’ll get my act together with a tute. Right now I am just too occupied with the rest of life and making when I can. Fingers crossed for the future.


  5. Hello fellow maker! I love that I am in the company of others who hopscotch from one creative pursuit to another. I love your dye jobs! Blue is my happy color and you did a fantastic job on those fabrics. Yay you for your great use of your serger! I love the adjustments you made on the pattern, it looks super comfy.

    I love your bag and am so jealous that it did not originate from my head! They are great and I cannot wait for the tutorial (or pattern for sale on Craftsy ;p I would buy it!)

    Could you use more leather? I will be sending my quilt blocks this week and have some for you if you do.

    1. Loving your blocks and making big plans for this quilt. So excited to have you involved.


      1. I am excited to see it all come together! I am glad my blocks were acceptable. I saw your quilts in the Modern Patchwork! They were awesome! I was looking for it, but I still got weepy… 🙂 Congrats!

  6. I think I’ve tried just about everything going – which is reflected in my blog name! Like you, I love the what ifs, the trying something new, the “can I do that?” Loving your new bag design – can’t wait to see it released in some form!

  7. You truly are amazing! I can completely relate to that maker’s mindset. Walking around the world being continually inspired by things you see–“I can make that!” and then working out how to make it happen. It’s fun, and so…. liberating!

    Your new makes are awesome. I really love that bag design, and the sweater–it might be my totally nesting brain but I LOVE it. The fabric and little heart-button-back are perfect touches. ❤

  8. I need a serger! Yes I too am always wanting to try something new – the confidence of “I could make that” is so intoxicating. Nice to see there are so many sharing the same sentiments.

    1. Making is addictive. Go get that serger now! I can’t believe I went without one for so long.


  9. I’ve been thinking seriously about a serger. I have embroidery and quilting projects galore. I marvel at how much you get done! I work full time, but can’t seem to get organized that way at home. My sewing is mostly my de-stress time. That bag is so amazing. Please do a pattern or tutorial.

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