April Bee Sewcial Blocks and Other Makings

Boy oh Boy, April has been a productive month thus far!  Not only did I tackle and succeed (after some missteps) in making some challenging curved blocks for Diane (random thoughts…do or “di”: Me Bee-ing Sewcial) in our Bee Sewcial group, I made something with my new serger for the first time and as we speak I am in the process of dying some fabrics (a first for me and next time I need to remember to keep the gloves on the whole time.  Call me Ms. Blue Hands.), I started the month off finishing some gifts for a dear quilting friend and her gorgeous daughters.  I made a dress up using some linen, vintage lace and even used my serger to make finished edges.  I knit together a sweater from FrogTree Bamboo/Wool yarn in the Wallaby 10 ply pattern (Ravelry: Wallaby 10ply pattern by Georgie Hallam) and made up a sweatshirt using a washcloth and fabric scraps in a combined machine and hand appliquéd technique.  The book, Sew Adorable (Sew Adorable: Classic Clothes for Boys and Girls: Vanessa Mooncie: 9781861089311: Amazon.com: Books) from which the dress pattern came was the gift for Mama.  When I see people, I often see them in terms of colors and my friend is all about blues so I channeled the turquoise variety in her gifts.  They were very fun projects. 9L4A7506 IMG_1923 IMG_1952 IMG_1949 IMG_1954 9L4A7503 I am gratefully in the middle of some collaborations with artist friends.  One of my friends gave me a vinyl copy of one of her mixed media paintings to play with.  I combined pieces from it with some donated repurposed leather and made them into a folded clutch of my design with another topstitched Lonestar. IMG_1984 9L4A7581 IMG_1989 In the repurposing arena I also transformed a painted canvas left over from a Musical Chairs Painting Party into a simple clutch.  You guys, this was soooo easy and easily done on a traditional machine.  I think a tutorial may be coming up for a few of these techniques in the future. 9L4A7549 9L4A7550 9L4A7554 And of course, I had to work on my Bee Sewcial blocks for the month.  I was actually feeling a little cocky about the mission we were given.  Diane asked us to incorporate curves into our blocks with a fun color palate that asked for a sliver of black.  I have done so much curved piecing over the last year, I thought this would be an easy month but man it took me several attempts to get the blocks I wanted.  In the end, I think they will go well with the other pieces made by my stellar bedmates. (I came back to edit when I almost choked on my coffee reading my typo but had to keep the original for giggles.  I meant BEEMATES not BEDMATES. Yikes. Haha)IMG_1994 IMG_1945 9L4A7611 IMG_1993 Cheers, Hillary

11 thoughts on “April Bee Sewcial Blocks and Other Makings

  1. Gosh, you’ve been so busy and all of it so gorgeous. That clutch is something special though – I love the way you’ve carried the turquoise through to the lining as well. I think you’ve earned a good night’s sleep, or at least a little lie down!

    1. Yeah I know, my life is insane and I am perpetually in need of sleep. I drive my husband crazy because when we have time off together he’s like “let’s go get a massage” and I’m all “or we could go create something amazing or even save the world”?!

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  2. You are dying fabrics!! I’ve been wanting to try that too, together with screen printing. I work at the school of art and the workshops there are amazing! I’m just a bit shy to work hand in hand with our students… They are so talented! Congrats on so many successful works and thanks for all the inspiration, the canvas clutch is surely a “must try”

    1. Thanks Sonia. Yes, yes, you should dye and paint. Get in there. I would love to see it

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  3. Geez, when do you have time to have a job! I’m so impressed with your handbags. Makes me want to take up a new hobby… (would somebody please stop me!!!) Makes me just want to sit around and create all day.

    1. Seriously but if it makes you feel any better I spent all day today catching up on work email, patient follow ups, writing lectures oh and hanging with my family. Creating is my therapy. Sometimes I have more time for it or need it more then other times. 🙂

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    1. I would love to make you a bag some day Chawne. Next week I’m checking out some local vintage shops for old paintings to repurpose that way and even plan to go to the Pick-and-Pull Auto shop close by to retrieve seat belts for another bag idea. I have Endless Idea Syndrome (think you do too so we can suffer together?).

    1. Carrie, I use my traditional machine with a leather needle and can easily sew through the leather appliqué, fabric and stiff interfacing. I typically however use my industrial machine for the rest of the bag construction as my Janome has a hard time making it through several layers of the thick interfacing I like to use. Good luck

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