Noodlehead Envelope Clutch with Umbrella Prints Fabric

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as combining a great pattern with some treasured fabric.  I’m heading to LA to visit some girlfriends this weekend and in anticipation, I wanted to make up something as a gift.  Anna of Noodle-head re-engineered her Envelope Clutch recently and I couldn’t resist trying it out with some treasured Umbrella Prints fabrics.  Pattern is here: Envelope Clutch PDF Pattern – Noodlehead.


The only modifications I made were including heavy duty Pellon interfacing with the fusible fleece on all outer parts, ditching the side D-ring in lieu of a leather tab and using some more repurposed leather for the trim, handle and inner card pocket.  (Side note:  Can you believe I now have 3 stuffed garbage bags full of leather and suede that friends have given me?!)  I was able to sew through all of these layers because of my industrial Juki.  Even with that, working my way through two layers of fleece, heavy interfacing, fabric and leather was a chore.




While in LA, I’m hoping to visit a girlfriend from high school.  While I went to undergrad and medical school, she moved to LA to be a dancer and had quite a run dancing in the Academy Awards, on tour with singers and on TV.  In my mind, she is most famous for her part in George Michael’s video “Faith”.  Anyone else remember those amazing legs?  Yep, that’s my friend Lori.


Can’t wait for some girl time.



11 thoughts on “Noodlehead Envelope Clutch with Umbrella Prints Fabric

  1. Alright, I better say first up – gorgeous clutch, and I love the leather accents. I would really like to try something similar (accenting with leather or suede) but I’m not sure my poor Janome would have the guts.
    Now, onto more pressing matters. Oh my gawd, I was deeply and inconsolably in love with George Michael from ages 13-16. I was going to marry him. He had other ideas, of course.
I haven’t watched this video for ages, but boy he had a great backside and it’s amazing how little his hair moves through this whole clip.
    I will be in your debt if you manage to ask Lori what she remembers about that day – did she get to talk to him? What was he like? And, very important, did she get to keep the shoes? 😉
    I finally saw George in concert in Marseille in 2011 and he was great – his voice is still wonderful and he knows how to get a room up on its feet.

    1. Ha! Isn’t it funny how music takes us back? I remember sitting in my boyfriend’s car in college, while he was driving way too fast to catch a ferry singing along to George Michael. (My traditional rock husband is mortified by my music history I think.). I remember Lori talking about the video at the time, trying her best to get her face on camera but the director would have none of it. I recall as well that George was kinda stand-of fish but what can you expect from a rock star? 😉

  2. Lovely clutch – I love the way the pattern works when the flap is closed. Enjoy LA and your girl time! I live about 100 miles north, so if you are ever around the area for an extended period of time, let me know! 🙂

    1. Oh Yvonne, how fun would that be? Quick trip this time around but looks like I will see you at Quiltcon!

  3. I agree with Kristy above, I was doing to marry him! I never noticed Lori’s legs in the video, I only had eyes for him! I was 11/12 and had no idea what any of his songs on that album meant! If my kids listen to “I want your sex” at that age, I would loose it! 🙂 Thanks for the flashback.

    I love that clutch. Again you give me machine envy. I love the leather piping. Your positioning of the white motif on the flap and body is so well done. Beautiful job!

    Have a great girlfriends weekend!

    1. Ha! Isn’t it funny how we sing along without knowing what we are singing sometimes? Yikes. You may have machine envy but I have clothing making envy. Finished a tunic the other day with hopes of modeling it t the same time with the drape drape shirt you sent me and . . . Another project fail. I seriously need to work on that dress form huh? 🙂

      1. So sorry you are not having luck clothes sewing 😦 What do you think the problem is? The custom dress form will help with fit issues for sure.

  4. TWO layers of fleece, heavy interfacing, fabric and leather? Eek! You need an industrial machine and some serious needles!
    Now I have George Michael’s and Wham’s playlists (‘Wake me up’, ‘Last Christmas’, etc.) and ‘The Wedding Singer’ scenes flashing through my head! Curse you and Lori’s amazing legs!

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