Bohemian Rhapsody

Sometimes a riot of color is a good thing, no? And mixed with flowers and vintage textiles . . . for me it is irresistible!

I got into a bag making frenzy this week and sewed up some vintage Thai textiles.  The first was a clutch I made with the sleeves of a black leather jacket a nurse friend gave me.  Once again I used a tribal tassel repurposed from a belly dancing costume for the zipper pull.



My last Thai baby carrier became a bag for a girlfriend.  I added an inset zippered pocket to the lining (a first for me and so easy!)



Lastly, i used more old climbing rope, Marcus organic cotton canvas, some thick vinyl and a pretty Kaffe print to make a bag for my girl.  I added some of my handmade linen and voile flowers and am calling it the Bouquet Bag.


It’s pretty liberating to make up designs that are floating in my head and equally exciting to see my sewing room floor that is a tad less cluttered after finishing these to-do projects.

Peace out ;),


8 thoughts on “Bohemian Rhapsody

  1. It is fun to get creative projects out of the head and into the hands! These are so lovely. Congrats on your first inside zippered pocket, Love all those textures. Can you tell me more about those lovely flowers on the bag for your girl? They are great!

  2. Sometimes a riot of colour is a good thing, yes!
    Those baby carriers once again are beautiful fabric.
    Climbing rope?! The fun, colourful ‘dynamic’ kind? My dad probably has some of that in his shed. I wonder if he still wants it (and how many spiders are nesting in it) …

  3. I’m just thinking it’s so cool that you dressed up as a belly dancer at some time in your life. You have the perfect figure for it ( if that’s you in the tree pose!) Your bags are incredible.

    1. Ha! Well I have made my girlfriends dress up in Saris and channel Sophia Loren for girl parties but I have not been brave enough yet for belly dancing. :). I bought the partially destroyed costume with the intentions of using the tassels etc. Yes that is me in Tree and for our next costume party we have to dress as an iconic woman. I wanted to be Dr. Maya Angelo but unfortunately we don’t look much alike. Ideas??

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