A Monster Parade

Sometimes it’s nice to have your clothes match your mood.  And when I am feeling a little beastly on the inside, it always cheers me up to wear a monster on the outside.  Over the years, one of my favorite go-to gifts for adults and kids has been monster sweatshirts made out of towels and velveteen.   In making the shirts I usually find inspiration in cartoons and pictures my kids have drawn. My kids and nieces still delight in finding their monster drawings transform into a sweatshirt.  With an image in mind, I made a couple of these sweatshirts today, one for a toddler and one for an adult.




I regret not having taken pictures over the years of all the different versions of this shirt I have made. Here are a few that we wear regularly at home. They are guaranteed to get a laugh from passersby when worn. 🙂




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