In Other News . . .

Was my work post too heavy?  Sorry guys, my life is such an interesting mix of ER, mommy and craft worlds mixed all into one.

In other news. . . my craft room has been bustling of late.  I was the lucky recipient of a suprise package from Texas.  My friend Bianca, knowing my affinity for repurposing leather sent me several thrift store jewels.

Thanks! I made them!.

I about died when I caught a glimpse of the leather orange skirt she sent.   Combined with some white leather remnants picked up from a local upholstery store and some orange circle fabric found on sale (8 yards for $5!!!) a bag design came into focus.  Initially, I was concerned that the leather skirt seams would make my bag idea impossible (the biggest challenge I have found with repurposing leather from coats and skirts is that it is hard to find large pieces without seams).  What a nice surprise to find that the seams compliment rather then detract from the bag.





Isn’t that lining fabric yummy?  I used both U clips for the handle and metal feet on this bag.  Both were new to me and thankfully easy.


I also got ahold of some awesome red leather remnants at the same upholstery store and whipped up this little bag.  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love the Red Cross symbol?  Odd-ball zipper pulls also have me obsessing of late so I used an antique key as one for this bag.  No question, I need to find more of these keys!



Lastly, this Sunday I was surprised to see my quilt “Big Blue” picked as a Flickr pic of the week by Make/Craft Magazine online.  Very Fun!

CRAFT Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup | MAKE: Craft.


There are some more fun quilty things in the works but all must be put on hold for now.   Our family is going on an adventure (one that involves wetsuits and a lot of sunscreen).  Yippee!  Hope you too have a week of fun and adventure.


14 thoughts on “In Other News . . .

  1. Cool bag! Perfect colors for summer. I would never guess it was repurposed leather. I bet the lady who gave the skirt to the thrift store would be amazed to see what you did with it! The addition of the metal feet is a nice touch. I’ve never used those.

    I recently bought a purse at Goodwill to use for the hardware, because I couldn’t find what I wanted at any stores. It took a while to deconstruct it, but it was worthwhile. The leather was too worn and kinda smelly so it all went in the trash.

    That key zipper pull is too cute.

    1. What a great idea! I need to spend more time scoping out the bag hardware at the thrift stores.

  2. just WOW!! this leather bag looks amazing!! I want it!! it looks so professional and I love ow the skirt seams work on it! really great job and enjoy your break!

    1. Your recent kid clothing is so very inspiring Sophie! And it is being used by your beUtiful kiddos. As my bags stack up I keep reminding myself that I need to make clothing instead. Maybe after vacation. Enjoy YOUR summer break.

  3. Love! Love! Love this bag! I knew you would make something jaw dropping out of it and I was right. I love the feet, seam placement and lining. It gives the big designers a run for their money. The zipper pouch is adorable too with that little key, Brilliant!

    1. Thank you So much my friend. I feel like you are my thrifted leather dealer. So generous. And I have big plans for the rest of that orange yumminess and suede. You are the best.

  4. When I saw a preview of the post, I thought you had made the skirt! The bag is brilliant. The lining fabric looks like you hunted high and low to find the perfect match, not a happy accident.
    I might have to give this sewing with leather thing a go!

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