5/325 Quilt Complete








-You are more likely to die these days from a Prescription Narcotic Overdose then a car accident.(CDC – Facts – Drug Overdose – Home and Recreational Safety – Injury Center)

-There were enough narcotics sold in 2010 in the US to distribute 40 Percocet and 25 Norco to every citizen in the country. (Addiction USA: Painkiller sales soar across nation – NY Daily News)

These may seem like shocking statistics but they are not at all surprising to those of us who work in the Medical Field and despite this news Narcotics remain an important tool especially for acute pain and end of life care.

I finished my 5/325 Quilt, a statement piece highlighting the mixed blessings of prescription narcotics (in this case, the most common formulation of hydrocodone/acetaminophen).  To see the process behind my quilt top construction go here: 5/325 | Entropy Always Wins.

Once again, I used Kona Cotton in White and Hand Dyed Fabric in Blue by Kim Eichler-Messmer (Kim E-M Quilts).  Trying to echo the pluses and minuses of narcotics, in the white spaces I machine quilted echoing Plus Signs and in the Blue fabric quilted Minus Signs using Aurifil thread.  I hope the echo effect reflects the impact both pain control and addiction have on the community as a whole.  For the back, I used linen in khaki and scrub bottoms from my time working in Seattle and Cleveland.

I will begin soon to look for venues to get this quilt and it’s message out.

In other news, I finished a quilt block for the Bee Sewcial group.  Kari is leading us down a more graphic design path this month.  I had an idea that morphed as I was making it, once again without a drawn up plan.  It is miraculous that these turned out to be equilateral triangles that made the whole thing work.  I would like to explore this design concept more.  See Kari’s blog post here: Craft Happy: Bee Sewcial: February.


I am also prepping for Quiltcon next week and am so excited to meet many of you.  I grew my “garden” of linen flowers and will bestow them on my Bee Sewcial and “Nude is Not a Dress Color” friends.  Say “HI” if you spot me!


I am waiting on some buttons to pass out as well.  Did I really make and order up buttons to share? (so not me but love the message)


Lastly, check out the gorgeous lanyard Stephanie (Spontaneous Threads.) made me.  It it constructed out of Doe Fabric and a repurposed Sari.  I am one lucky duck.



29 thoughts on “5/325 Quilt Complete

  1. Gorgeous finish, and I hope its message is received far and wide. I really love everything about this quilt of yours. I’m hoping to meet you at Quilt Con–please grab me if you see me, too!! I might have to do some official stalking if I don’t run into you by Sunday. Safe travels!

  2. I love the story behind this quilt, I hope it gets people thinking. Enjoy yourself at QuiltCon, boy do I wish I was going. I’m going to have to get there in the next few years.

  3. Love the finished quilt. I am amazed by the quilting of the plus and minus in the design. Quilting is so intimidating to me; your results make it seem worth the effort. Impressive!

    1. And I am intimidated by clothes sewing. Glad we excel in different things. Wishing I could see you while in Texas. I am making it an uber quick trip. A meet up is somewhere in our future, I am sure of it.


      1. ACK! I wish I were paying attention and a planner! Austin is only 3 hours away! It would have been great to meetup. We will have to plan some other time when there is less going on and at a place where I will not be audibly saying, “Yours is better than that!”

  4. Staggering and mind-numbing statistics. Fantastic thoughtful quilt that echoes the absolute tragedy of this issue. Your blog and your quilts have been a real inspiration to my quilt-making. Thank you for making it about more than stitches and fabric.

    1. Thanks Suzy. A project with purpose is pretty satisfying albeit a little emotionally draining? Time for some mindless pretty making. 😉

  5. This is a fabulous quilt, and the design really exemplifies the jarring effect that drugs can have on people. I love it, and I think its a great message. When my son severely broke his leg they overprescribed pain killers and he, never having needed an aspirin, had a real freak out moment, so we took him off of them – funny thing was, he only took a few tylenols after that – turned out he didn’t really need pain killers at all! It turns out that sometimes we can handle a lot more than we think we can, pain-wise…Anyway, not only is it a neat way to spread a message, it’s really beautiful and graphic. Hope to see you at Quiltcon!

  6. The quilt is beautiful and meaningful.
    I did not know that about prescription medications vs car accidents. I only need to take two Panadol every 6 months or so, and I take no other medication, but I know I am unusual. I have a close relative in palliative care, and I am so glad that those drugs (and the amazing medical team) are making his excruciating pain bearable, but those same drugs in the wrong hands …
    I was sewing before sewing was cool. (But I have never been cool!)

  7. I don’t know how people can get addicted to pain killers. For me all they make me do is fall asleep or get sick to my stomach! About all I can handle is Tylenol with codeine, but I am sure glad it is available! I will be a QuiltCon too. I will have a backpack on with my rejected Moda Halloween quilt strapped on it. If you see me stop me and I can show you the quilt!

  8. This quilt is so thoughtful, meaningful and well done. I have been so inspired by all of the design decisions that went into making this quilt into the statement piece that it is today. I hope that you can share its message and its beauty with many. Perhaps a gallery or some local art shows to start? Because it is truly a work of art!

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