Monday Musings-Creative Inspiration . . . Home

Do you have a place you consider “home”?  Even though I have spent most of my life moving from one locale to the next “home” in many regards is my parent’s house on a lake outside of Seattle.  It is the place I finished high school and came for respite during undergrad and medical school.  Because of work and family obligations, my trips here are less frequent then I would like. My beautiful mother has created a home filled to the brim with new and old finds and handmade treasures.  It always stirs my creativity.

For example, how cool is this old steamer trunk and the Singer sewing machines she has made a hobby of refurbishing?



Or this lace she has crocheted and these old family quilts?




When visiting, I also get to see the handmade things I’ve sent my parents over the years.   Some of them are pretty forgettable but others like my DS Addition Hope Valley Quilt shine in the way my mother presents it.


By far the best part of coming “home” is just spending time with my mom and dad and exposing my kids to this beautiful environment. (The picture is of my mother on the far right with my kids, my niece and I hiking in the nearby Federation Forest.)


I hope you too find joy and inspiration in coming “home”.


7 thoughts on “Monday Musings-Creative Inspiration . . . Home

  1. Liking both the trunk and Singer (I have both as well), but I’m really wanting to know about the picture of the barn owl on the wall? They are my favourite owl and would love to have one like it or similar. Any idea?? Thanks, and I really enjoy your blog.

  2. You make it all seem so welcoming. I too have a steamer trunk and two antique Singers. Your mother inspires me to display my treasures so we can all enjoy them. I planned to do it when my littles are older, maybe I shouldn’t wait…

    1. Absolutely, bring those beauties out! From the first moment I knew you had a Singer, I have wished you were closer so my mother could help you get them in top shape. Love that you can both uncover the beauty in these things! Will look forward to my package-so sweet to think of me!

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