A Mother’s Day Present

I come from a long line of crafty women.  Perhaps it is the fact that my family hails from Seattle where sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee (I remember when Starbucks was only in Seattle!!) or tea and some handwork is compelling on dreary days.  My grandmother was a sewist and knitter extraordinaire.  My mother has been sewing her whole life. She has sewn countless curtains, quilts, clothing for herself and my brother and I along the way.  She even sewed my wedding dress.  Recently she has gotten into refurbishing old Singer sewing machines, one of which she gifted me a couple Christmas’ ago.  (As an aside, she is also quite a potter and I have such fond memories of going to her craft fairs as a child and spending all the money she made with her sales on other handmade treats.) 🙂

In honor of this year’s Mother’s Day, I pulled out an antique quilted block I inherited from my grandmother and upcycled it into a bag for my mom. I used some fusible fleece to bulk it up a bit and Brandon Mably’s Babble fabric for the lining.  I have packed it with some Clover Wonder clips that my Mama is sure to love and took pics with the Singer my mother refurbished.






Check out another gift I made for my Mama here:

Flowers for My Mother | Entropy Always Wins.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

14 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Present

  1. Very nice gift for your Mom, and very nice use of your grandmother’s block.
    I’m visiting from our new blog discussion group. Isn’t this fun?!!

  2. Hillary, I love, love, love this bag and all the sentimentality that goes along with it. You and your brother, Dan and Nancy, Claire, Nathan, Lily and Noel will always be my greatest gifts every day of the year! But I do treasure all your handmade gifts. Someday I’m going to post a picture of all your little homemade treasures from when you were a child!!
    PS Of course, your dad is my constant treasure as well!

  3. I love this! It is so cool that you have such a wonderful history of crafters in your family. Having those homemade items is such a treasure!

    Visiting from the blog hop discussion group 🙂

  4. What a wonderful way to honor your Mom and grandmother. Such a great gift because of the sentiment and because it it so well made.

  5. It is lovely that you were able to breathe life into a block made by your grandmother.
    Your Singer looks a bit like mine, but in better condition. Mine has had its gold loved off. Do you have the dome case? I know what to do if you ever lose the key.

    1. I do have the case and key. Thank you. Love these old Singers-you and I are so lucky to have them.

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