Carolyn Friedlander Park Pattern Pillows

Boy I love a project finish! Last night as I was marathon watching Downton Abbey on disk (we’re those weird types who have had no TV reception for years) I finished hand sewing my Carolyn Friedlander pattern pillows. I am now officially obsessed with needle turn appliqué!

It is hard to go wrong with one of Carolyn’s patterns. She has the modern aesthetic down to a tea. Mix that with some Maze and Vale uber cool fabric and we have a winner-new pillows for our house.

See all the Carolyn Friedlander Patterns here: carolyn friedlander | fresh, modern quilt patterns.

Maze and Vale fabric here: Maze & Vale.




IMG_5688Carolyn’s patterns are so wonderful, she may even tempt me into paper piecing which is another quilting modality I have yet to try. So much to learn!

2 thoughts on “Carolyn Friedlander Park Pattern Pillows

  1. It is so satisfying to complete a project. And even more wonderful when is a project everyone can enjoy. Your pillows are delightful. I had not heard of noodle turn applique until you discussed it. I’m going to look into it some more.

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