The Backstory Quilt Top

I like to think of myself as a modern girl.  For the most part I like bold designs and bright colors but sometimes I like some softness.  There’s nothing like a traditional design quilt made of pinks and blues that you can wrap yourself up in with a cup of tea by the fire to bring the blood pressure down a few points.  With that desire in mind I pulled out some favorite Kaffe Fassett fabrics from my stash and started making up a new quilt top.  I decided to go with a traditional courthouse steps design but again since I am a modern woman I had to break the rules a bit. 😉  I flipped the fabrics to the wrong side for the sides of the pattern which brought even more softness to the quilt.




I got the idea of flipping the fabrics over from the first quilt I ever made. I bought a quilt kit off of ebay several years ago and loved the effect Kaffe suggested of flipping the fabric for a more washed out effect.



6 thoughts on “The Backstory Quilt Top

    1. For some reason the computer won’t let me remark on your blog Bianca. You really are a reformed bag addict but wow, such pretty results. You are excellent at ALL the sewing you do. . . Love your Beautiful Belle fabric options. May have to join the sew-a-long. 🙂

  1. Oh my!! I love this quilt. I have never tried flipping the fabric but have been meaning too. I think seeing this quilt is just the push I need.

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