Flowers for My Mother

My mother has taught me so many things.  My sewing and knitting talents are because of her and I like to think I have also learned compassion and persistence from this amazing gal.  One thing I did not inherit however was the ability to grow things.  Yep, when it comes to plants, my mother is a master and I am a complete brown thumb


A prime example of both her way with plants and her seemingly endless compassion are my grandmothers’ violets.  Several years ago both of my grandmothers passed away within a few years of each other.  My mother was given violets by friends and family at their deaths as they were favorites of both grannies.


Since their deaths my mother has kept these violets alive by restarting new ones with leaves and nurturing them daily. I am amazed and humbled by this love and ability.  I get to see my mother and the rest of my family this weekend and thought I would make her something to show my appreciation of her gifts.  A while back Heather Bailey published on her blog a free pattern for a pincushion with violets.  This seemed like a perfect gift for my mama.


I purchased some hand dyed felt from one of my favorite local craft shops, The Tin Thimble and got started.  Heather Bailey’s free patterns can be found here ( and here (




I hope she likes it.

2 thoughts on “Flowers for My Mother

  1. I love the pincushion and adore you and your family! You are a mother’s dream come true, Hillary! Love you sweet girl.

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