Valentine’s Day Preparations

We’ve had rain the past couple days and it feels wonderful!!! (such strange words from this former Seattle native) Not only has the rain given our plants and trees much needed moisture, it has given me even more reason to stay inside and make things. Typically I don’t think much about Valentine’s day as my husband and I aren’t sentimental that way (when was our anniversary again?) but I’m looking forward to the holiday this year and have been pondering all things heart-shaped.


My daughter has been felting some three dimentional animals lately. She and her girlfriend’s are all making each other handmade things (even without my prompting-so cool!). One gal is knitting a hat, one is sewing stuffed animals and my girlie is 3-D felting. She has her supplies strewn all over our dining room so this morning again with hearts on the mind, I whipped up a heart bag for her to store them in. Hope she likes it.


In addition, I’ve been eyeing some sweater pieces I felted with thoughts of making a pillow or bag with heart embellishments and I have been working some of my special beads into bracelets (such an easy project, see here for details:



I think it is going to be a colorful February.

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