CSA Riches

One of the best things about living in Northern California is that we have such amazing weather for growing things year-round.  This brown thumb is very appreciative of having several small farmers as neighbors.  One of our local farms has been providing us with a weekly CSA of organic fruits and vegetables for the last 6 years.  No question, it is the best thing we have done for our family’s health.  There are always fresh vegetables around to eat and I have been introduced to so many different foods.  It’s hard to believe that before our CSA, we had never eaten fresh kale or fennel, now two of our favorite vegetables.  Picking up our veggies each week with their beautiful colors is always a pick me up in the middle of winter.  While the rest of the US has been inundated with snow and cold weather we in California are suffering under the worst drought in recorded history.  It’s scary for us and for our farmers.  The forecast says it is supposed to rain tonight.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be a downpour and that there will be more precipitation to come so we can continue to enjoy this wonderful bounty.

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