Yarn Wrestling

Have you ever has a handmade project that physically abused you?  Last night I finished up a cowl of my own design.  I made Purl Bee’s Super Soft Fluted Cowl for a friend last year which by the way was not abusive at all (pattern here: http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2012/11/11/super-soft-merino-fluted-cowl.html).  I had three leftover Purl Soho Super Soft Merino skeins that were beckoning from my yarn stash.  After perusing some lovely stitches, I decided to make a cowl using the Lotus Flower Stitch (pattern here: http://www.craftcookie.com/knitting-stitches/knit-purl-stitches/93-lotus-flower-stitch).  My heart is happy, my fingers are not.


I was hoping to send a tutorial out there but I’m afraid of all the hate mail that may come my way. So I will just let my fingers heal and snuggle in this yummy warmth and look forward to some more friendly knitting projects.

By the way, the backside of the pattern below I think is so much prettier then the front.  Wishing all a nurturing crafting weekend.



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