Monday Musings-Creative Inspiration Plus a New Quilt

Yea, yea, I know it’s not Monday here yet BUT it’s 109 degrees out and I just got done wrestling a king sized quilt through my little machine.  And it has to be Monday somewhere already right? 😉

My creative inspiration this week and almost every week in regards to quilting is Denyse Schmidt.  I have all of her books, several patterns AND three of her quilts from Sarita before she stopped selling them.  I count myself very lucky.  My fave of the three is this baby circular quilt.  It is front and center in my sewing room and keeps me warm draped over my legs on cool days.


This weekend I decided to quilt up my Plus/Minus Quilt and looked to Denyse and this quilt for guidance. I decided to home machine quilt it in the concentric circles I so love in her baby quilt and I was guided by her color scheme to add similar colors in the binding. I used a linen for the back and an ikea canvas for the binding.







As painful as it was to quilt this baby, I really love it especially the binding and the simple back.  I hope you are find a ton of creative inspiration this week.  I would love to know and see what is inspiring you.


10 thoughts on “Monday Musings-Creative Inspiration Plus a New Quilt

  1. Never fear, it’s Monday here in Australia. But it’s a public holiday, so yay!
    How lucky are you to have several DS originals? Luckier than a rabbit with all its feet.
    You know how I feel about geometrics, so this design is pretty much up my street and knocking on my front door. Thanks for letting us share in your musings!

    1. Thanks Kirsty and I hate to admit it but I got all of her quilts on sale before she became famous. Sooooooo lucky. 🙂

  2. Hillary, I really appreciate how you are honest with the challenges of some of your projects. You make it look effortless and the reality that is not, at times give me some comfort. It makes me feel less silly when my jaw drops at the beauty of what you create. Great job!

    1. Back at ya sister. I’m promoting your tshirt kit on FB to my friends. Hope someone bites. 🙂

  3. What a fabulous quilt! It looks large. How big is it? Do you find that the bigger your ‘blocks’ are the more difficult it is to keep things square? I love big blocks but struggle with that myself…

    Your spiral quilting looks awesome!

  4. I have just wrestled a baby quilt through my machine with middling success and I have no idea how you managed a king size so well.
    I do know about heat waves. They are the days to stay indoors in the aircon and sew!

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