Mustard is the New Black

While it seems every major retailer has moved on straight from Halloween to Christmas, my mood and home decorating vibe is still well entrenched in the fall.


Last year for the house I made some big Lotta print pillows and knit up a yummy blanket to match.  Although it is hard to see in the pictures, I did freeform machine quilting of the pillows, one in an expanding circular pattern and one in a rectangular one.  The Eleventh Hour Blanket pattern is free and found at Purlbee (   I have made two of these blankets and can’t say enough how comfy and warm they are.


This year it appears, I still have mustard on my mind as I added two pillows and a quilted blanket.  The pillow design was strongly influenced by a pattern and some pillows from Quilts By Emily (pattern can be purchased here

10119221614_2565848851_o 10119187514_87471ee30c_o

Lately I have been finding inspiration for quilting designs in the textile art of Louise Bourgeois.  My husband was kind to make me a plastic 30 degree template that allowed me to make the Dodecagon pattern in the quilt below.

10091428783_53a32f9bf3_o 10091333665_04101a35a3_o

Thank goodness I have another month to relish these colors before turning to red and green.

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