I Heart Minimalism

Let me introduce you to my Minimalist Baby Quilt.

9L4A32459L4A3246My son who was riding his scooter all over the property was kind enough to stop and hold up my quilt for a picture.  It tickles me to see a quilt with he and his scooter in the background. 🙂IMG_1001IMG_0749I got the idea for this design from a modern poster that I saw somewhere but can’t remember the exact source.  Yep, I’m all about cirlces these days.  I must admit this was a pretty darn easy design to make with a large pieced circle that I then cut in half and inserted a strip of Kona white.  The striped fabric is Ikea canvas.  The tight quilting I used with the design made up for the ease in piecing.  I used my walking foot with aurifil thread and tried to emphasize the simple pieced shapes.  I don’t know that I have ever done such tight quilting before and it was interesting to see how it changed the feel and form of the quilt.

It felt great to finish this lovely up before I embark on a busy work week.

Have a good one.


18 thoughts on “I Heart Minimalism

    1. Oh Doreen you are the best (and even forgive me when My texting skills go wanting-I’m hoping so anyway) :-/

  1. I too love circles, my sister-in-law jokingly calls me “Dottie!” And I adore this piecs, especially the yellow binding. It’s so graphic, which lately I am all about. It’s funny how we go through sort of “periods ” in our design, too. I seem to be doing a lot with blue lately, which is a color I have rarely used in the past. Your work is lovely.

    1. Carrie, I love your work. (I tried leaving a comment but my iPad wouldn’t cooperate). I think we are inspired by similar vibes. I also am loving mid century modern and none of my quilts lately are blocks but one big design?! Will look forward to seeing where your inspiration takes you.


    1. Thanks Shelby! The good news is I have been doing so much circular piecing, I’m getting slowly better at it. Curved piecing requires practice, practice, practice (hard for the impatient girl I am) 🙂


  2. Absolutely wonderful. Each one of your quilts is a work of art, I’d quite happily have them hanging on the walls in my house!

    1. Thanks Karla. Yes the quilting was a bit of a chore but worth it. I will be trying dense quilting in the future . . . after a little reprieve. 🙂

  3. You are such an amazing, gifted fabric artist!! Never can imagine liking your new things as much as those already posted. But you do it again and again, making new, exciting, over the moon and back, creations! Star power!! Love you

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