Blogger’s Quilt Festival Small Quilt Entry – Flower Pots Quilt As You Go Wrapped Hexagon Quilt

Every Spring and Fall Amy’s Creative Side Blog hosts a Blogger’s Quilt festival. (Follow the link above to see all the lovely quilts there.) My first introduction to the festival was last spring and I am pleased as punch to participate again.  I have already entered Big Blue seen evidenced in my last blog post into the category of Modern Quilts.  Today I would like to introduce to those who are new to my blog my Flower Pots Quilt As You Go Wrapped Hexagon Quilt.








I gleaned the techniques for making this quilt from a much smaller project in the book Quilt-opedia by Sarah Jane Taylor St. Martins Books-Quilt-Opedia 9781250044792: Books.

Using the techniques described in her book and employing Peppered Cotton and Little Folks Voile I designed and made the quilt you see.  My favorite part of this quilt is that it is ALL MACHINE PIECED AND QUILTED.   I used a special flower motif decorative stitch to machine quilt the pieces together.  It measures 38 x 44 inches or 164 inches in circumference.  I call it Flower Pots because it to me it represents the perfect balance of soil and flower/neutral and color.

Be sure to check out all the amazing quilts at Amy’s site.  Thanks for visiting.