You Spin Me Right Round

Do you remember that song by the 80s one hit wonder band Dead or Alive?  Well after a lot of consideration and great suggestions, it seemed the perfect fit for my new quilt.  What a labor of love this quilt has been.  The design was inspired by a modern poster and per my usual I picked some fabric and started cutting and sewing.  My husband’s woodworking measuring tools once again came in handy and at the end I got pretty good at piecing concentric circles.  I did crosshatch irregularly spaced quilting with Aurifil thread for the first time and used my ever-dwindling mustard linen for the binding.






IMG_1081The very best part of this quilt was the practice of making a vision come to life using my own methods.  More and more I find myself straying from quilt patterns made of repeated squares (though this quilt does use 10 inch squares that I cut up and put back together in different order).  The big and bold patterns are calling me and I have so many other ideas waiting to be made.  I hope to come back to this pattern sometime soon as I have visions of one with a bold red background.

Hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving.