Sew Mama Sew and Art Show Details

Last month Kristin and Beth of Sew Mama Sew sweetly asked me to share details of a tile block I made up while creating this quilt top as a commission for one of my oldest friend’s.  Go see their intro about me here: Introducing Hillary Goodwin from Entropy Always Wins | Sew Mama Sew | Outstanding sewing, quilting, and needlework tutorials since 2005 and my Tile Block tutorial here: Tile Blocks Tutorial | Sew Mama Sew | Outstanding sewing, quilting, and needlework tutorials since 2005. I’m thrilled to get this quilt finished and enlisted the help of long arm quilter Jessie Ziegler (threaded quilting studio) for a quilt collaboration.  That negative white space is going to look yummy with her quilting.


In other news, some mini quilts for an art show in Seattle beginning next month are in process.  I am honored and excited to be sharing space with many gifted artists.  A big bonus is that Seattle is where i went to undergrad and Medical School and many friends and family still are Seattle residents.   It will be fun to share my work there.   For details of the show (and an introduction to an inspiring maker) see Anna’s post here: It’s Official! I Left My Job to Become a Quiltmaker | Quilting Queerly.


5 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew and Art Show Details

  1. I am excited to see what Jess does with that quilt. She works serious magic with her long arm machine and a collaboration between the two of you is destined to be dreamy.

    Also, I’m excited to be sharing wall space with so many ridiculously talented and brilliant quilters. Jessica has great taste and I cannot wait to see what she’s pulled together for the show. I won’t be able to make it to the opening, as I’m going to be visiting my family but so excited to see images and what everyone else is showing.

    1. Thanks Shelby. Sorry for the late reply. Life has been BUSY. Tickled to be sharing creative space with you in Seattle next month. Fingers crossed I get to see your work in person. x0


  2. Hi Hillary! Thanks so much for the plug on your blog. I loved clicking on the link to your post on Sew Mama Sew. What a fantastic sunflower bag and striped circle quilt. You make beautiful creations! I didn’t realize you went to undergrad and med school in Seattle – what a wonderful connection. Looking forward to seeing your work in person at the show at SPU. Anna B.

    1. Thanks Ruth. Seattle is a great city though it continues to grow and change the longer I am away. 🙂


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