Happy New Year

Looking forward, looking back.  In 2015 I hope for more family, more friends, more travel, more creating with purpose and definitely more collaborative work.  And this collaborative piece is a hearty one as it is setting down roots and blooming in this cold of winter.


Stephanie (Spontaneous Threads.) and Leanne (she can quilt.) have collected quite a group of quilters (LatifahLatifah Saafir Studios | One Stitch. One Seam. One Quilt.., Dianerandom thoughts…do or “di”., FelicityFelicity Quilts., KariCraft Happy., MelissaWe Shall Sew., MarciMarci Girl Designs – Home., and DebbieA Quilter’s Table.) and they are leading us on a fun journey. Check out Stephanie’s plans for our first month on her website and our progress together on instagram (#beesewcial) and in flickr (Beesewcial group).


Looking forward also to finishing up a project I started last year with many of my sewing friend’s help. I have asked several special people to join me in making a Carolyn Friedlander shirt in their own skin color so we can collectively send a message that “Nude is Not a Dress Color”. Email and plans coming soon to those who offered to help.


Continuing with the collaboration theme, Christine Perrigo (Contemporary Custom Quilting.) has graciously agreed to custom quilt my Queuing Theory Quilt.  It is coming together beautifully!


Lastly I’m looking forward to plans with Luke Haynes (Luke | Just another WordPress site.) who has offered to make me some fabric.  I am curious to see what he has in store and my mind is already spinning with ideas for this collaboration.

I end by including some pics of my last minute Christmas creations and photos my brother took of my work at my parent’s house.

imageimageimageimageimageimage imageimage

Happy New Year everyone.


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing your work this year! So many exciting projects. If you need any more people to help with the CF t-shirt I’d love to help make a block to represent the Asian contingent.

    1. Oh gosh Agnes I would LOVE your help. I will be sending out an email in regards to it all in the next couple days to interested parties

  2. Yay for 2015 and all that happens! I’ve tackled 2 smaller projects and it feels good to be off to any kind of start in 2015. My goal is to make sure I photograph everything before it makes it out the door. And collaboration is a gift and a treasure, I truly believe the sum is always much greater than it’s parts, and supreme when the parts are individually awesome!

  3. That is a lot of last-minute Christmas creations! You must have been busy in the few days leading up to it!
    The centre star of the quilt perched precariously over the lake looks like has a lovely texture. Is it a reclaimed jumper (sweater)?

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