Introducing Rufus

It seems that pregnancy is contagious amongst my friends and family members recently.  I love making handmade gifts for new babies and mamas.  They are some of my favorite handmade projects.  Recently I started making homemade dolls to include in these gift packages.  (Of note, I always inform these mamas that my handmade dolls with their bobs and bits are not intended for infants because of their aspiration risk but more appropriate as display pieces or for older children.) This Frida Kahlo doll has been quite a hit among friends.  The DIY kit by Mikodesign can be purchased here:


Here is a previous handmade gift pack for a new mama and baby with Frida, a baby hat with flower and a baby blanket


Recently I came across the handmade toy patterns by Fiona of HopSkipJump and knew I had to give one a go. ( I settled on the Rufus the Dog using some of my fave left over red wide wale corduroy. I think he will match nicely with a bag I am making for the baby boy’s mama. I cut into my treasured stash of Carolyn Friendlander’s Botanics line to make his neck tie. The little gold glitters of the fabric makes him look quite dashing.


Rufus’ corduroy is sprinkled in many of my projects and he matches a linen and cotton blanket containing the same fabric I completed a couple years ago. (My kids snuggle up in this quilt every night this time of year in our living room.)



I highly recommend this pattern from HopSkipJump and look forward to trying out more.

6 thoughts on “Introducing Rufus

  1. Soooo cute! Love the quilt too! Don’t remember seeing it before. So glad you’re chronicaling your creative adventures!

    1. Very sweet of you to say. One of the best parts i thhink of making gifts is you think about that person so much during the process. Hope that love comes across. 🙂

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