You’ve Got Mail Bag

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Last week I found some real treasures at a vintage shop.  After washing the U.S. Mail bag several times I combined it with some black leather repurposed from a leather jacket donated to me and used a pattern I made up and call the Museum Bag.  (Each time I make these bags, the pattern becomes more and more refined!)  I added a built in zipper to the linen lining and used some leftover leather as the zipper pull.  I LOVE THIS BAG.  It begs for me to put on my Doc Marten boots to match!

In other news, after some lobbying by my friend Bianca of

Thanks! I made them!.

Alabama Chanin is no longer using Nude as a dress color.  The light sand color previously called Nude is now called Ballet.  Yay for Alabama Chanin and Yay for Bianca!  Let’s hope other companies come to their senses as well.

Lastly, I am honored beyond measure to be asked to participate in a special quilting bee, one that involves only solid fabrics, with a theme that changes each month and is composed of ROCKSTAR quilters. I must admit I’m a little humbled that they would want to include me but I’m excited to give it my best. Look for us soon on Flicker and Instagram:


12 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail Bag

  1. Congrats on participating in the Quilting Bee! Deep calls to deep. Of course you would be included with other Rock Star Quilters!

    I love the mail bag! It is great when an ideas goes from the head to the hand so quickly!

    Thanks for the shout out about the A.C. change. It would have been nice to have heard from them, but I am just happy they made the change. Thanks again for your support, it helped me on those days when I remembered how she made me, and my position, feel insignificant.

    1. Grrrrrr. It makes me so angry tht you were made to feel that way. Still can’t buy anything A.C. And will just use up my stash. The silver lining in it all for me is that A.C. Is how I found you and your amazing work perusing Flickr. Xo

  2. What a girl! Coolest Mail Bag ever! Monsters (Lily wore her’s 4 out of 7 days we were with her)! Bat woman, sexy legs, and George Michael all in one blog! Eclectic, smart, beautiful, talented! Your dad and I must have done something right to have you as our daughter!! Love

  3. but you ARE a Rockstar quilter:) I love all your quils, they are so unique and modern!! And this bag is so so cool! love what you do with leather.

    1. Aw Sophie, coming from you, such an amazing sewist, that means a lot. Love your creative makings amidst what sounds like a crazy time for you. xo

  4. Oooh! You are a rockstar quilter?! Well done!
    I have to credit you with the bag of leather scraps that ‘jumped’ into my shopping basket today. You have inspired me to try doing something with leather.

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