When is the last time your tried something new or set your goal on a project with no guide map on how to get from beginning to end?  October was full of such scenarios for me and how refreshing to experiment and step outside my comfort zone.


Looking toward participation in the Bee Sewcial group, I’ve been searching for images and themes to inspire me/us.  In doing so, I came across this awesome poster and knew I needed to reimagine it in fabric form.  After considering several methods for sewing concentric circles, I decided to just go for traditional curved piecing with lots of pinning and needle turn appliquéd the smallest circle.  I stumbled across some amazing wood working tools in my husband’s shop and used this Veritas tool to add 1/4 inch to all the circles.  He has several other tools I think will be surprisingly helpful to me as I try to make this in a larger version.  Who knew this “woodworker’s method” would work so well?




I’ve also been experimenting with more nontraditional fabrics and making up more bag patterns.  The remnant pile silver corduroy and red denim were begging to be a quilt (top or back-still undecided).


A friend sent me some beautiful Thai textiles that he had been holding onto forever.  I made up a new bag design and combined them with some black Marcus Organic Cotton and left over red denim and made the bag below.  I’m sending it back to him for his wife with one of my handmade Malas in for good measure.


I also started cutting and sewing with a log cabin diamond idea that is morphing as I progress.  I look forward to the arrival of more fabric so I can finish this one up.



Lastly, I hosted my annual Mother/Daughter Craft party and delved into painting (a completely alien art form for me).  Needless to say it was a blast to hang out with these ladies who dressed up as famous female icons and made some beautiful art.



Our former mayor and her daughter were especially darling and Mrs. President and Vice President.






Let’s hope the end of the year is full of continued experimentation and creativity.


10 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. OMG – t’s the collective conscious again! I have been experimenting with exactly the same image as you did with the circles, too!. I mean, exactly the same thing! I tried it during the summer, (I didn’t see the poster, though – what did it come from?) and I wasn’t too pleased with my results so it’s just sitting on my design wall. Another thing – I would say that most of my quilts start with me having no idea how to make them – I just figure them out as I go along – sometimes a frustrating process but mostly it works out well.

    1. Wow Carrie, that’s crazy! You obviously have good taste to be attracted to the same pattern ;). Speaking of good taste, I love your quilts especially the last one you posted for the Blogger’s Quilt festival (for some reason I had a hard time leaving a comment for you-darn iPad). Anyway, good luck with the festival!


    1. Absolutely Yvonne. Love finding treasures in new places. Hope life is calming down a bit for you and cheering on your Viewer’s Fave Quilt pic


  2. Love all of the experimentation here! The concentric circles are awesome! I love the interpretation and execution of it. My favorite is the log cabin diamond quilt. It is so striking! The angles, the solid mustard and the contrast with the pieced cabin bits. It is so interesting. The party looked like fun 🙂

    1. Now if I were really honest I would admit that clothes making is my biggest challenge. 😉 blessings my friend-the party would have been so much more fun with you.

  3. Wow Hillary, you don’t cease to amaze me! i love your experimenting. Curve piecing?! I’´m so afraid to try, but yours looks amazing. I really enjoyed the pictures of your party. Those dresses! You are surely surronded by creative and interesting women!

    1. Creative and interesting women friends? Yes and that would include you. Hope you are enjoying your Fall.


  4. You have been busy! I love how you interpreted the circle poster, and the diamond log cabins are fascinating.
    Painting in costume sounds like my idea of heaven, but I would worry about paint on my clothes.

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