Monday Musings-Creative Inspiration and Another Bag

It’s official, I’m obsessed with all things text.  Interesting letters and numbers, dynamic fonts and text covered fabric have got me dreaming lately.  Letters have come front and center in my new bag design and I am making up a new quilt with some newspaper print, something new to me.  It may have been our recent visit to the Newseum in Washington DC, a geat museum that focuses on the history and impact of newspapers, television and all other news avenues in our lives.  Bear with me, this obsession could last a bit.  (The picture above is my daughter perusing the museum on our trip.)




By the way, did you know the & symbol is called an ampersand?  I found that out today as I was looking for symbols for my new bag which I ended up drawing myself.  Once again, I used recycled leather for the side stripes and handles, linen for the body, felted wool for the front symbol which I hand sewed on and a favorite Carolyn Friedlander cotton for the lining.  Look for my free pattern/tutorial soon.



10 thoughts on “Monday Musings-Creative Inspiration and Another Bag

  1. I am crazy about Carolyn Friedlander fabrics: I have the whole botanics collection! I actually have some on my cutting table right now to make a shirt for my boy… well when my sinus infection leaves me some peace and strength to sew again!:) help me doctor!!:):) your bag is lovely I love your big letters obsession!!:)

    1. I’m sorry you are sick Sophie. In your busy schedule hope you get time to rest. I’m a big fan of netti pots/sinus washes for sinus infections PLUS lots of rest. . . Carolyn Friedlander can do no wrong in my book. Have you seen her previous fabric collection, Architextures? Most of it is sold out by now but I would love to get my hands on some of it. Look forward to seeing your cutie someday in his shirt. xo

    1. Fun to mix it up a little and try out new things for sure. I need to start making some clothing for myself and kids like you have-a bit of a New Years Resolution for me. Thanks for inspiring.

    1. Right?! Yes a semicolon, question mark and exclamation mark are all on my to do list. This could keep me busy for awhile. 😉

  2. I did know it is called an ampersand, but I recently was surprised to discover that my husband did not. There’s a shop here with an ampersand logo. I said, ‘I’ll meet you over there by the big ampersand sign in 10 minutes.’
    He said, ‘The big what?!’
    Whatever it is called, it is a great shape and a good choice for your bag.

    1. Thanks Carla. Glad i am not alone in my ampersand naivety. Fun to learn new things. 🙂

  3. I continue to love the leather accents on these bags. It really looks like the handles will hold up well over time. And the ampersand? Another win. I’d be too tempted to make a @#$! bag for all the @#$! my husband hands to me to put in my bag… ha!

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