Lucky #5

I’ve been obsessing a bit of late on stylized letters and numbers.  And of course I’m always trying out new bag designs. Combining these loves, I made a new bag out of linen, hand dyed and felted wool and recycled leather from a leather coat donated to me.  The stylized #5 is one I copied from a font here:

House Industries – Eames – View fonts.

I cut it out in felted wool and hand stitched it to the bag.  Some of my precious leather scraps were used to make stripes on the sides of the bag and for the handles.  I used my favorite one sided fusible extra heavy pellon interfacing to stiffen it up and lastly, a heavy weight brown cotton for the lining.


Here is the leather coat, linen and cotton prior to cutting up.





I think I’m embracing my masculine side as my bags and quilt designs lately have been far from “pretty”.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



7 thoughts on “Lucky #5

  1. I really like the stylized number, and I think it might not be “pretty” but it is very striking! I especially like the lining on the bag, too. It blends everything together really well.

    1. Hi Sophie,
      It will go to an artist friend who is giving me a painting in return. I have had a couple relatives ask for similar things and I am by no means done with stylized letters and numbers so I will make more. We are headed to Seattle and Bonaire (Dutch Antilles) this summer. I hope you have some wonderful vacation time in store.


  2. I love this bag! I love your use of the three fabrics, what wonderful textures! What a great barter system you have going too. I’m ashamed to say I have a few items I had intended to give to people that still there in my house 😦 😉

    1. Seriously thinking about a garage sale to get rid of all my handmades. Despite all I trade and give away, I still am collecting quite a pile. :-/ And whenever I see your lovely things, I think “clothing”-that is my goal for the year. Yikes I better get going. xo

  3. I think I need to find my masculine side. My sewing is far, far too girly lately, and I like your style.
    Is 5 a significant number for you or did you choose it because of the lovely shape it has in this typeface?

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