A Project Fail – Where’s Waldo?

We’ve all had failed projects right? Please tell me I’m not alone. At least yesterday’s project gave me a chuckle. I brought home an awesome T-shirt honoring Roy Lichtenstein with visions of adapting it into a tank. Cut, cut, sew, tie . . . And all I can think of is Where’s Waldo? :). The vision is made complete with my husband’s reading glasses that I am now borrowing all too often. What happened to my perfect sight? Anyway, laughs are so good and I have learned a ton from my “fails” along the way. Do have any good fails? Pictures get you extra double bonus points.



12 thoughts on “A Project Fail – Where’s Waldo?

  1. Aw com’ on, it’s not THAT bad! My fails usually turn into UFOs. I have them stacked up determined to finish them, fix them, whatever, some day!

  2. I think it’s all in the attitude. You take another picture with a big smile on your face and this is a win! It’s all in the angles πŸ™‚ I admire that you finished it, photographed it, and wrote a post about it. I have more failures than I care to mention. Maybe you can start a new weekly feature, Failure Fridays πŸ™‚

  3. You are not alone! The last two dresses I sewed for myself were worn once and donated. They were well made but oh so very wrong. I am not sure how I wore them even the once.

  4. It is not so bad – the question is what was your original idea? I think you still can make it works for you. And you are not the first and the last one with failures… Mine are stuffed somewhere far away off my sight – It is good idea to make a post about them…
    Success with your next project!

  5. Goodwill? No way! I’ll take your failures any day!! Hey, that rhymes…think you look cute in glasses.

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