Ok, Just One More . . .

I swear, this leather repurposing is as addictive as chocolate . . . well, almost. 🙂  While the kids, my husband and I anxiously await my folks who are coming to visit after a road trip in southern Utah, I put some finishing touches on yet another bag.  Once again, with an idea in my head, I drew up a pattern and stitched it up.  I used the same printed leather as in my previous bag but flipped it over to show off the suede side for the bottom.  I added a linen flower I had made awhile back which feels like icing on the cake for this basic tote.

Linen Rosebud Flower Tutorial | Entropy Always Wins.




It’s such fun to give my friends back their donated leather re-imagined.


7 thoughts on “Ok, Just One More . . .

  1. Wow! i love the way you use fabric and colour! Your friends are lucky to have you. Love the linen flower, as you said it’s the icing on the cake!

  2. Love this bag along with the clutch you showed me! Such fun to spend time with the four of you! The kids are awesome!!

    1. Love you mom!! So great to see you guys. Hope you had a good hike. See you in a couple months.

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