A Birthday Present for My Guy


My husband is celebrating his birthday this weekend. He didn’t want much and I had a hard time coming up with good gifts so we settled on fixing his wedding ring (he had to have it cut off last year when he broke his finger in on off road motorcycle spill) and he asked me to make a bag for him using my industrial machine. I was perusing ideas and made up a design strongly inspired by a bag from Mountain Khaki. I used almost all recycled fabric and gear which made it so fun. A waxed cotton canvas raincoat that my guy never wears anymore became the main fabric.  Some leather from a jacket donated by a friend I used as trim and some of my guy’s old climbing rope was used for a front handle.


I used some carabiners from REI to attach a strap to the back.


My Juki was indispensable especially at the top as I sewed through two layers of heavy interfacing, four layers of canvas, two layers of leather and a zipper all in one swoop.  It also sewed through the climbing rope easily allowing me to attach it firmly to the bag. There is no way I could have made this bag without an industrial machine. I think we are both pretty pleased. 🙂

10 thoughts on “A Birthday Present for My Guy

  1. This is a great bag! I love the re-purposed elements you have used. My guy, who would not carry a bag, saw this and loved it! Have you thought about writing a pattern and selling it on Craftsy?

    1. It was fun to make something for him. My guy has been bragging to his friends about my industrial machine and what I could make for him but then I used it to make things for others. . . How about you write up and sell my pattern on crafty (only kind of joking). Have so much on my plate. The creative/making part feeds me. The business part of creating I think might steal some joy?

      1. I completely understand. They say, “Do what you love and you never have to work a day in your life.” I say, pay me for my hobby and it becomes a job!” What I love about Craftsy is that it is free to sell and once you post the pattern, you don’t have to do anything. For busy people with an occasional brilliant idea, like a custom dress form pdf, ;p it is great for passive income. When I saw the bag I thought, I would buy that pattern!

        Your bags are great as are your photos. Maybe when things calm down (like they ever do).


  2. Wow! I love everything about this bag, especially that you upcycled those treasures. My machine wouldn’t chew that. I tried sewing with leather after I saw your cargo duffle, but it doesn’t take more than two layers…

    1. This bag addict broke so many needles and stalled my machine too many times. I had to get the new machine so I wouldn’t break the old one (my rationalization). 🙂

  3. Love, Love, Love this bag! And the upcycled elements. The sewing and design are both fabulous. Just curious, but what does your husband use this for? Is he an outdoorsman? Thanks for sharing this. It’s very inspiring.

    1. Thank you. He does love the outdoors but I don’t think he will use this for hiking. He hasn’t used it yet but plans to put it in he car and use for carrying things around town. And he modified it a bit and clipped the strap over to the front rope handle.

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