An Addition to My Inheritance

Many moons ago, my grandmother and mother taught me how to knit and sew. Every Christmas and birthday as a child, Grandma LiLa would make my brother and I handmade toys and clothes. When my knitting skills progressed she made me my own knitting needle roll which I use to this day. When she died I inherited her own knitting needle rolls, needles and all. To say I have an impressive collection is an understatement.



I love these old rolls as they remind me of her and cause me to reflect and appreciate the skills and interest in making things with my hands that she passed on. Even with all this storage, my cirucular needles have been hanging out in a large, beat up freezer bag. After perusing Jeni Baker’s blog (In Color Order: Recent Sewing Projects) I found a pattern (Circular Knitting Needle Wallet PDF Pattern by TheCraftJunky) that was perfect for what I had in mind. This is a great project for fat quarters so I pulled together several complimentary Kaffe blue fabrics and sewed it up. Such a fun and easy project.  Happy Friday everyone.





8 thoughts on “An Addition to My Inheritance

  1. I love this post as I have my grandmother’s knitting needles, her darning needles and a few crochet hooks. I think of her every occasion I have to use them. I just hope someone dear to me knits so I can pass them along some day!

  2. I still have my needle roll as well. So many reminders of my mothers; pot holders, hangers, granny square quilts, china. I always think of my mom at this time of year when the forsythia blooms. She made an arrangement for Barbie’s wedding with forsythia from her yard.

    Love each of your new items. The colors in the needle roll are so lush and clean!!

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