The Big and the Small of It

Working both the big and small sides of crafting today. With an image in my mind and 6 yrds of Kona Black and Snow colored fabric at my disposal, another new jumbo geometric quilt top is complete.


In the jumbo crafting arena, I also finished the back for my Big Blue Quilt top and have sent it off to Emily Sessions for some custom quilting. ( ) I can’t wait to see what quilting she comes up with!


I also was kindly invited to join a sew along for the Noodlehead Cargo Duffle ( being organized by Sophie ( I have never joined a sew-along before but with Sophie leading (her blog and crafts are so beautiful) and the Cargo Duffle as a goal, how could I refuse?! I have about three different versions of this duffle in consideration, one using some recycled leather. This is going to be fun!

On the small side of Crafting, I have been slowly working on a lace wrap using my Madelinetosh Prairie yarn. Though I have knit lace stitches before, I have never made a lace throw nor worked with lace weight yarn.


Enjoying all of these projects, big and small. Wishing everyone a relaxing and inspired weekend.


8 thoughts on “The Big and the Small of It

  1. I love Big Blue! Do you help design the custom quilting or turn the top over to the quilter’s judgment? As to knitting lace, I did the same thing; learned the stitches on worsted. I found it much harder to recognize what my last row of stitches had been in the finer yarns. Maybe with practice.

    1. Emily custom quilted my Life in the ER quilt which has a similar geometric vibe so I know she will do an excellent job. Quilting itself is such an art (one that I need to work on) that with the right person, I feel comfortable giving the quilter artistic license. I know whatever she comes up with will be better then I could do. This lace thing is interesting, no? It took me several tries to get the lace pattern down with this thin yarn but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Tricky stuff. 🙂

    1. My pleasure and thanks for the invite. My fabric combos are trending toward the modern. Hope they will work for your group.

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