The Bianca Clutch

The digital age has changed irrevocably our day to day lives.  The way we interact and make connections has forever changed.  Through various forms of social media, we now can date (thank goodness I am married!!), we can reconnect with friends from high school and we can make new friends on line.  I was reminded of this recently when I received a surprise package from Texas. Via Flickr, I have been introduced to the work of many talented people.  One such person is Bianca (  Bianca has THE best style.  She makes clothes that compliment her so well and her hand stitching is amazing.  Soon I also discovered her blog ( where you can find great tutorials and inspiration.  Bianca somehow read my mind after I got my new industrial machine and picked up a leather jacket from a thrift shop for me.  Little did she know that I had been requesting old leather jackets from friends and family with the idea of repurposing to no avail!  In any case, Bianca’s wonderful gift came and today I decided to put my new machine and this leather to work.


I pulled together some of my favorite Carolyn Friedlander Botanics and followed an online tutorial for a fold over clutch I had been eyeing. (


To add some extra bulk to this quilting cotton I used a medium fusible interfacing and I quilted the lining. (This is one of my favorite bag making tricks as I often like a little more heft to my bags but prefer a smooth nonquilted outside.) My Juki did well and I am delighted with this bag. I only used a small amount of the leather in this coat and look forward to using more. Thank you so much Bianca!!



3 thoughts on “The Bianca Clutch

  1. Thanks for the kind words and for naming a bag after me; how cool is that! You rock! The clutch is great. I love the quilted lining. I never thought to do that and it makes so much sense.

    I knew you and Juki would do good things. I cannot wait to see what else you make!

    1. You’ve got a great name my friend. Makes this little bag sound quite sophisticated so thank you for letting me borrow the title. 🙂

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