Represent! Embroidery

Bianca Springer and I first got to know each other as mutual admirers of a brand of handmade embroidered garments. Our friendship grew into a creative collaboration with the help of others born in protest sadly from the anti-inclusive posturing of the hand embroidery business owner we initially so admired. That collaboration was our “Nude is not a Color” quilt purchased in 2021 by the Henry Ford Museum and now in their permanent collection.

Coming full circle, is an embroidery book Bianca WROTE HERSELF and recently published by C&T publishing concentrating on the inclusion of people with different skin tones, body types, hair textures and shapes.

The realization of that full circle makes me want to cheer from the mountain tops! Finally, there is a book that represents and honors many of my friends, work colleagues and family members who have thus far been largely overlooked in embroidery books currently in print.

When picking a project from the book to make I decided to use some 5mm wool felt I had on hand in a minimalist style. Bianca’s book has 10 projects and over 100 images to use! I chose one of my favorite pictures, a beautiful dark skinned woman with her crown of stars which I printed onto Sulky Stick N Stitch stabilizer. I used both wool and cotton embroidery floss in her Afro then sewed up the felt into an easy tote with leather handles. It has been my constant companion as my husband and I travel throughout Spain garnering compliments everywhere.

There are several more projects I plan to make from the book. Thank you Bianca for including me in this journey and for applying one of your MANY creative talents toward something beautiful and important.

The above picture is from Quiltcon 2021. Look for us both teaching a Quilty Shift dress class at Quiltcon 2022 in Atlanta and also for Bianca’s embroidery classes using projects from her book.

If you would like a chance to win a digital copy of Bianca’s book, like, comment and follow me and all the other participants on Instagram.


4 thoughts on “Represent! Embroidery

  1. Hooray! I’ve been pleased with the quality of publications from C&T so happy for your friend’s book. And I love “Nude is Not A Color”. Remember “nude” hosiery (back when we wore hose)?

  2. I love Bianca’s book! And this bag is so good Hillary. The simple felt tote with the amazing image ( all those stars!!) really represents both of your skills so well.

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