Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day – Leather and Vintage Hmong Remnant Handbag

Hi everyone! I’m excited today to give away a leather handbag I made earlier this year.  It is made out of leather repurposed from a coat donated by a friend and embellished with a vintage Hmong textile and a tribal tassel for the zipper pull.  The bag measures 12×7 inches and is lined.  I am happy to ship internationally.  To enter leave a comment describing a favorite handmade gift you have given to others.  For an extra chance to win leave a comment and follow me on Instagram (@entropyalwayswinsblog).  This contest is open until December 12th 5PM PST.



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Good luck!


117 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day – Leather and Vintage Hmong Remnant Handbag

  1. When I was young and I had no money I wanted to give Christmas gifts so I made origami cranes and gave them to my family. My dad actually hung his up in his surveying office and left it there for thirty years. My mother ooohed and awwed over it like it was the crown jewels And my little brother played like it was crashing into his fire engine. Might have been the best gifts I ever gave!

  2. I love making handmade things. This year I made my own cards, tags and wrapping paper to go withhomemade jam and pouches, tea towels and tea wallets.

  3. I like making fingerless gloves. People seem to like them a lot. Warms your hands, but still leaves access to your touch screen phones. Seems like a win/win!

  4. When I was little I used to decoupage boxes with collages of vintage images for Christmas gifts. I always had so much fun making them. This year I’m making bowl cozies and hats for the kids.

  5. What a beautiful little bag! I have been an artist for years, so I have made so many people cry with my portraits as gifts. More recently I have discovered sewing, and I just finished a scrap rug for my sister – can’t wait for Christmas to see her reaction!

  6. Hillary, i just love all your bags! How could I resist… I made a quilt for a baby that had been long awaited and desired. Every stitch was full of good thoughts and positive energy for that baby

  7. Wow! Love your bag! I once made a quilt for my mom with an appliqued hen representing each of her daughters. It had a lot of details and at the bottom was a much larger hen in crazy fabric etc. Very personalized for my mom so very fun.:)

  8. I have made quilts for so many, I think I have to say I enjoy making them the most.. although the I Spy I quilt made for my grand kids was loved so much by them… I’ll choose that as my favorite!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I made a wedding quilt for my daughter and now I am making one for my son who will be married next year. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  10. The favorite gift I have given was a shawl I knit for my grandma when I was learning to knit. I loved to think of the shawl giving her a hug when I wasn’t able to do it in person.

  11. A bookmark that I embroidered years ago for my grandmother. We just found it as we cleaned out her house to sell it now that she is in a nursing home.

  12. My favorite handbag I made was for my daughter to match a dress I made for her. It was brown with a bright floral foreground. She loves both the dress and bag

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  13. What a gorgeous prize!! My favorite gift was a sunbonnet sue quilt – my mom started it in 4H as a child and I finished it for her (a surprise).

  14. My favorite gift was a quilt for a woman whose husband passed away. The quilt was made of his clothes and pictures of them through the years.

  15. Such a fun giveaway! One of my favorite handmade gifts was a Tutoro apron I made for my sister. I was worried she wouldn’t like it but after several years, its still the only one she’ll wear 🙂

  16. I usually make some table toppers. I know I won’t be lucky enough to win but had to tell you how gorgeous this bag is.

  17. So pretty!

    My favorite handmade gift that I gave was a beautiful baby quilt that I made for a friend.

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway, and Happy Holidays!

  18. The best present I ever made was my first pair of upcycled wool mittens that I had sewed and embroidered for my best friend. The reason they were the best was how much she loved them.

  19. My favorite was a crocheted flag I gave my dad. Had I know it would be on display in the living room, I would have “fixed” my mistakes a bit more. It was my first time with the pattern, but they say we are the only ones that see the mistake….. as long as it has 50 stars and 13 stripes 🙂 Thank you for participating in the blog hop. The bag you made is extraordinary!!!

  20. well this is just too cool! i loved the quilts i gifted last year to my BILs…how is it i fall a little in love with each quilt I make? thanks for a chance!

  21. Wow, what a beautiful bag! My favourites are the quilts given to my husband and my brothers, I snuggle under my husbands quilt often and pet my brothers’ quilts every time I see them (both the brothers and the quilts – LOL). Thanks for the chance!

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