Basting and a Retreat

Tomorrow, I get to hop on a plane and spend four days without folding laundry, working in the ER, making dinner, helping with homework or doing dishes.  I am one of several women in my medical group picked to go to a conference on Women’s Health in Arizona!  It has been a few years since I have had a weekend away from the family and I am pretty excited (though also a little guilty-a mama’s curse).  In addition to learning some new medical info, a retreat to me means sleeping in, reading, exercising AND doing some crafting.  I am toting along a needle turn applique project I have wanted to try using  a pattern by Carolyn Friedlander and fabric by Maze and Vale.  Wonder how I will explain to my colleagues that I have to check a bag, not for extra clothes but to accommodate my embroidery hoop, needles and scissors? 🙂

carolyn friedlander | fresh, modern quilt patterns.

Maze & Vale.



Have a great weekend all.


4 thoughts on “Basting and a Retreat

  1. Have fun and enjoy your time away, even if you are having a wee bit of mama guilt. Makes homecoming all the more sweeter. I get the checked baggage, I had to check my luggage home from Spain because I purchased a tiny pair of gorgeous embroidery scissors in Toledo (it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to take them with me on board). Well, it was surrender them or check the bag….. I checked my bag, a women’s got to keep her priorities straight.

    1. Love it. Bet those scissors are pretty awesome. Fortunately have some fellow knitters here so I don’t stand out too much with my handwork by the pool. 🙂

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